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Some time back, in an article called The WHY of the Christian States of America, I explained the reason why we- our country, that is- needed...

Monday, August 7, 2017

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And that, right there, is why trannies annoy the hell out of me. A tranny is someone who claims, “I was ‘assigned’ the wrong gender at birth, and I need to be the real me.” Okay, fine. Go be whatever the hell you want to be! Go be a chick with a dick, or a man with a cooter. It’s absolutely none of my business how any adult decides to express him/her/itself sexually. But the thing is, these days trannies are not content to just go be trannies; they insist that we become accomplices to their fantasy. We have to pretend to see what they see. We have to use pronouns that we know are misapplied. We have to allow dudes with dirlywangers to shower, change, and go to the bathroom alongside our daughters. We have to foot the bill for sex change surgeries. To even suggest that sex change operations are elective and not a “medical necessity” is to challenge the tranny illusion. This is at the heart of the controversy surrounding President Trump’s announcement that trans folk will no longer be allowed to serve in the military. Trannies, their leftist allies, and “moderate Republicans” think soldiers are as entitled to state-funded sex change operations as they are to first aid on the battlefront.


“Morally Required Genocide”

August 08, 2017Professor Mohammed Abed is a man with a message: Genocide has gotten a bum rap. Sure, genocide can be bad, but in a pinch, genocide might just be your best friend…especially if you’re a “person of color.” Indeed, Abed reasons, it’s sometimes “morally required” to commit genocide, and he hasn’t been shy about advancing that argument in a series of lectures and essays that have somehow managed to stay under the radar of the media (especially the right-leaning media) over the past few years. 
Abed, a tenure-track professor of ethics, social & political philosophy, and classical Islamic philosophy, believes that, in large part due to the overbearing historical presence of the Holocaust, the definition of genocide has become unnecessarily narrow. When someone cries “genocide” these days, folks expect to see gas chambers, crematoria, and Nazis stuffing Jewish children into trains. This “Holocaust standard” for genocide, Abed claims, betrays the vision of the fellow who invented the term, Raphael Lemkin. Lemkin, Abed argues, always intended for his gift to the lexicon to have a more open-ended, fluid definition. There are lots of ways to make a people, a culture, or a society disappear, and more often than not, there won’t be gas chambers, ovens, or manically emoting Hitlers. 
It’s a fair point, and an appropriate topic for a professor of philosophy. But you know there’s gotta be more, right? Of coursethere is. Abed also claims that sometimes you just have to commit genocide in order to save the world, or some corner of it, from bad people…like racist whites
Well, place a call to Topf & Söhne, because now we’re cookin’ with gas!
“Genocide is not always the physicalextermination of a people. Sometimes it can be the erasure of their identity.”
Abed, a Palestinian whose views on Israel are not exactly “chummy,” deserves the right to have his say in his own words, and he’ll get it, very shortly. But first, I want to point out exactly where this guy works: the philosophy department at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA). Heard of that fine institution? It’s the public university in L.A. where students and teachers use violence and intimidation in order to keep anyone on the right from speaking on campus. Remember when invited speaker Ben Shapiro had to be escorted off the CSULA campus by police because angry, violent protesters stormed the event? Remember how CSULA forced the organizers of Shapiro’s speech to cough up the dough for extra security, a burden not placed on the school’s many far-left student groups? I have little doubt that had Shapiro been shot in the head during his aborted speech, the university would have charged the cost of the bullet to his family.
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I had a black as coal history professor. He was excellent by the way. The way he explained it the child of a mixed race couple could be no blacker then the black partner or whiter then the white one. Recently a book was written by one of Obama's speech writers. He claimed that 4 young white men were Obama's brain. They used to wind the puppet in the morning give him a schedule and pile of speeches and send him on his way. He never was any good if the teleprompter didn't work.
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The assumption behind all these dystopian/Orwellian/Hitlerian scenarios is that Trump’s secret purpose is to build an oppressive superstate. Fortunately, anyone with a fourth-grade education who lives in the Midwest—unlike the cultural Brahmins at Lincoln Center—can see that he’s doing the opposite. He’s tearing stuff up. He’s castrating the EPA, hollowing out the Department of Education, carving up HUD, firing people for disloyalty to him personally, deciding that we don’t need foreign ambassadors anymore. If you’re looking for entertainment-related metaphors, you don’t need Shakespeare. Use any Monster Truck Show.

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It ain 't over yet. War most uncivil if they get rid of Trump.