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The CHRISTIAN part of the Christian States of America

Some time back, in an article called The WHY of the Christian States of America, I explained the reason why we- our country, that is- needed...

Thursday, July 6, 2017


Donald Trump meets with important ally Poland's President Duda.
Speaking to thousands of cheering Poles, Trump called their nation 'the geographic heart of Europe' and praising their countrymen for shaking off both Nazi oppressors and Russian occupiers in the last century.
They repeatedly chanted 'USA, USA' and 'Donald Trump! Donald Trump!'

Meanwhile, in Germany, thousands of (((Hamburgers))) and (((other communists))) are protesting in advance of the G20 meetings between world leaders...
-(((Merkel))) should gas them-...
Note- On THIS BLOG, "(((  )))" denotes ALL
socialists, marxists, social 'justice warriors', whiny college protesters, antifa-shits, black lives smatter, retarded professors and teachers, gay  faggots, RINOs, Democrats, climate 'scientists', the DEEP state, and ALL OTHER FORMS OF COMMUNISTS, not just Jewish socialists.