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Sunday, June 18, 2017

News' media responsible for left-wing violence

I have waited long enough. I must comment on the shooting at the congressional baseball game practice. Ever since Donald Trump announced that he was running for President, the left-wing propaganda media has been viciously attacking him on a continual and daily basis. 
If you look at a statistical analysis of mentions,  - such as the New York or Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post, ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/Fox/MSNBC, plus network radio news, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera- you will see that the NEGATIVE mentions of President Trump and his administration outnumber the positive mentions by hundreds to one.
These attacks, besides being relentless and totally unjustified, are extremely vicious. 
They include calls for the assassination of the President, false accusations of collusion with the Russians, (which the Clintons were probably guilty of), false accusations of obstruction of justice (which Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch were almost certainly guilty of), and other outrageously false and malicious accusations.
The so-called 'news' media has created a hostile environment toward the President which is totally unjustified. 
In my opinion, the so called 'news' media must be held accountable for the left-wing violence that they have instigated.