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The CHRISTIAN part of the Christian States of America

Some time back, in an article called The WHY of the Christian States of America, I explained the reason why we- our country, that is- needed...

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

America's Mentally Ill Children...

 Islam, American Thinker - Christians believe you don't get to heaven by being "a good person". Indeed, the whole point of Christianity is that no one is good enough. They are saved purely and solely by the grace of God alone through faith. Islam is a religion of works. If you pray towards Mecca five times a day and follow all the other Muslim commandments, you are free to engage in all kinds of barbaric lunacy, from child rape to beheading, all in Allah's name. Not only does Islam tell you what works you must perform, it specifies the punishments you are allowed to mete out to those who don't follow their law.