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Friday, January 6, 2017


Until about a year ago, Jodi Maldonado of scenic Secaucus, NJ considered herself a girl. Then she declared that she’s a boy named Joe and attempted to join the local Boy Scouts. Now she and her mother are whining that the Boy Scouts “kicked me out because I am a girl—born a girl.”
Well, one would assume that’s because they’re called the BoyScouts, even though technically, eight-year-old Jodi’s age would require her to join the Cub Scouts instead—or, in a sane world, the Brownies.
An official statement from the Boy Scouts of America explained that the organization is OK with fags, but it draws the line at trannies:
The policy of the Boy Scouts of America is to follow the biological gender of applicants. Although the Scouts have accepted homosexual counselors and members, they have held firm on recognizing the sexual identity of persons based on their biology.


So, let’s look at the situation involving the events in Burns, Oregon, this past January and February. There is no threat, as Barrow suggests, and the investigation is over. So, that investigation is not current, but under the guise of risk to informants, the Judge upheld the government position.
During the trial in Portland, on September 21, 2016, government prosecutor Gabriel intentionally elicited testimony from Oregon State Police Officer Beckert that exposed Mark McConnell as an informant for the FBI during the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. So, was there a concern for the safety of a government informant? The intentional exposure defies any consideration of concern for McConnell’s safety. So, apparently, Roviaro had no justification in being applied in McConnell’s case, why would it be of concern with regard to any other informant?
During the course of the trial, two more informants came out of the cold. First was Terri Linnell, who contacted defense attorneys so that she could testify on behalf of the defendants. Then came Fabio Minoggio (aka John Killman), who was found by the diligence of the defendants and their attorney investigators.
Since that time, not one of the informants has been subjected to any harm, though one has been subject to considerable verbal abuse on the Internet.
Since the end of the trial, three additional informants have been exposed. They have not been subjected to death threats, or in any way subjected to any physical harm.
On the contrary, we have one of the informants who has threatened one of the defendants. Deb Jordan has provided a thorough and documented explanation of this threat in her article, “Informant Mark McConnell Receives Surprise Christmas Gift From Activist Jon Ritzheimer“. However, briefly, this past October 11, Jon and some friends were at a restaurant. McConnell found out that Jon Ritzheimer was there, so he went to the restaurant with his girlfriend and threatened Jon, attempting to get him into a fight.
Suffice it to say that those who wave (waive ?) the Constitution are no threat, at all. However, government informants DO pose a threat, and should be exposed for what they are — spies upon the American people who are doing no more than exercising their rights — Something that should never be tolerated in this once great country of ours.

[List of squealers exposed, to date, and associated aliases:
(Actually, two of the informants testified for the defense. In their cases, the term "squealers" may be inappropriate.) This list is posted in case it is taken down in other places.]-NotMe