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Sunday, December 11, 2016

The TRUTH About the so-called 'Russian Hacks'

Obama's CIA department announced that Her Highness Hillary Klinton lost the election because some Russians hacked into the democrats' emails to expose the unethical, illegal, and underhanded dirty strategy against both the supporters of Bernie Sanders used to gain the nomination of her party, and the tactics she tried to use against the republicans, including hiring and facilitating violent criminals to attack Trump supporters outside of his campaign rallies.

In the first place, these emails were probably hacked by someone who fears a Hillary-style dictatorship and another World War- with Russia, and China, and possibly numerous others- North Korea, Iran, your guess is as good as mine. 

And in the second place, are we expected to believe that the democrats- who have just adored the Soviet Union, and socialism/communism everywhere in the world from Nicaragua and Venezuela to France, Cuba and North Korea, and who transparently want to import it to America- are now trying to save America from the Russians, as comical as that sounds ? ARE THE DEMOCRATS HAVING A LOVER'S SPAT with their LONG-TIME LOVERS and role-models ? Huh ?

The democrats and the mainstream 'news media'- but I repeat myself- now have switched sides after 70 years of selling out to and for the communists and now are on the side of capitalism, freedom, liberty, and America ?

That's right- the democrats, who in 1989 took $1 Billion from the U.S. defense budget and gave it to the Russians, the democrats, who hated Ronald Reagan for daring to oppose and defeat the Russian communists- now want to  save us from the Russians by getting us into a war with them because they rebuffed Hillary Klinton's "reset button diplomacy" ?  Give me a Break !

Hillary did not lose only because of these emails being exposed. She lost because she has always been a criminal, dirty power-hungry and low-class bottom-feeder, and she fools only the feeble-minded. 

The CIA's pronouncement shows only the depth of corruption of the Obama administration, and is the equivalent of the burning of the Reichstag in Hitler's government. It is patently false and serves only the card-carrying party faithful as a false flag event as dirty as sin itself. President Trump will have to keep a wary eye on the agency to avoid an LBJ-style coup from being attempted.

Actually, Hillary's goons needed to be exposed, no matter WHO hacked and leaked the emails. Hillary and her campaign strategists should be kicked out of politics and be in jail. And if the Russians did the hacking, WHICH I HAVE SEEN NO EVIDENCE OF, well, thank you for doing us, AND YOURSELVES a big favor. America was saved from a hideous new dictator, and we were all saved from a potential World War with Russia, which NOBODY needs, and only the democrats and neo-cons want.

The swamp in Washington is VERY deep indeed. Be careful in there, Mr. Trump. And God Bless you.
CIA veterans—none of them fans of Donald Trump–are urging caution about leaked allegations that Russia waged a secret campaign to put the New York Republican into the White House.
Reports on the alleged Russian effort have been anything but cohesive, or complete. During a closed-door briefing to the House Intelligence Committee last week, a senior FBI counterintelligence official reportedly scoffed at the CIA’s conclusion that Russia had plotted to put Trump in office, calling the evidence “fuzzy” and “ambiguous.” Details of the meeting were leaked to The Washington Post.