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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

TRUMP- Victorious/Leader of the Free World !

TRUMP Victorious- 
He does the IMPOSSIBLE !
On time and under budget.
Please take time to thank God for giving our country a Second Chance.
Like most everyone, the election result left me in a state of mild euphoria for the last dozen or so hours. It’s mostly due to the fact I stayed up half the night watching the results. I’m usually in bed by midnight so being up past two made for a challenging day. Even so, it feels pretty good to see the good guys win once in a while. It feels even better when you are proved right. I put Hillary at 46% for this election and she came in a tiny bit higher, but well below 50%. I said all along that the status quo must break 50% to carry the night.
Now, I look forward to the Triumph. In January, Donald Trump will enter the Imperial Capital in a four horse chariot, wearing a laurel crown and painted toga. Behind him, in chains and rags, will be the members of NeverTrump. The great enemy of the people and the threat to the republic, Hillary Clinton, will be displayed in a wheeled cage so the citizens can throw rotten vegetables at her. After the festivals, the proscription lists will be posted around the city and the NeverTrump loons will be thrown into a pit.
Yes, victory feels good.
That said, this is not the end. It is just the beginning and the road from here to a safe and healthy country is long and full of perils. A political class that is willing to tolerate festering carbuncles like the Clintons, is perfectly willing to close ranks and do everything it can to destroy the Trump presidency. A nation willing to vote for a woman with the ethics of Pol Pot is a nation willing to stand aside and let the political class stymie any attempt to reform the broken system. Cautious pessimism is the right outlook today.
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