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Monday, November 14, 2016

ADIOS, Mister Foster !

I have been watching on the so-called 'news' shows all these liberal butt-turds butt-hurting about the Presidential election, saying how sad and broken-hearted they are, how shocked they are that Donald Trump won the election. They are saying that Donald Trump supporters and voters owe them a statement about how we really DON'T support building a wall or making reasonably sure that a towel-head from the middle east is not coming here to blow up America. OK- here goes-

AMERICA HAS SPOKEN ! You are entitled to your opinion, just like I am.  I could not believe that America elected an unqualified, ineligible, communist, non-citizen with no job or management skills eight years ago and re-elected him again four years later. But, horribly, it happened. 
Did I scream, cry, and protest the outcome of the election ? 
No. I vowed to SURVIVE the reign of the WORST piece of crap ever elected to ANY public office anywhere. I had to hear his voice numerous times, even though I switched the radio station or turned off the radio whenever I heard it, and luckily he made very few televised speeches, and I managed to avoid all of them, so I got through with little of his scumbag/commie/racist talk entering my head. 

If you Hitlery supporters are unable to do the same, you are more than welcome to Get The F Out of this country. Let me repeat myself.
Don't go to Canada, where most of the population is WHITE. NO- GO TO MEXICO where your brown brothers live !
And take all of your butt-hurt movie stars, pop singers, and news anchors and reporters too. Take Wolf Blitzen, Cheer, Barbara Streisand, Whoopie Goldburg, Alex Baldwin, Bouncey, Wanda Sikes, Tom Browkaw, and all the rest with you. And don't forget those pukes who promised to leave if Trump Won-Mrs.George Steponallofus was one, although most of the others were unknown to me.
So I say a HEARTY  

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