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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trainwreck 2017


I have been reading a very interesting book the past few days, called Trainwreck 2017.  It is a story about what may happen if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency over Donald Trump this November 8th. It begins with Hillary naming her cabinet officers shortly after the election. Loretta Lynch is appointed to the Supreme Court, as part of her payoff to Obama’s (IN)Justice Department for squashing the investigation into Hillary’s careless and blatantly illegal use of a private e-mail server for  the handling of classified documents while she was Secretary of State. As in Obama’s administration, the position of Attorney General will be to stop any investigations into administration wrongdoing, and to smear anyone who accuses any administration officials of any crimes, no matter how outrageous or serious. So naturally, her husband Bill was chosen. As a bonus, neither Bill or  Hillary can be compelled to testify against each other, offers of immunity, or not. The same treatment goes for James Comey, the muslum head of the FBI, the formerly respected federal law enforcement agency. For his part in the cover-up, Comey gets to keep his job, making him a dangerously powerful person in Hillary’s plans for a national police state. Under her thumb, of course.
Hillary appoints her daughter Chelsea Clinton to be Secretary of State, so she can retain absolute control over foreign policy, secret wars and secret arms shipments, and secret treaties with our ‘enemies’, as well as secret payoffs to her personal slush fund, the Clinton Foundation.
For Secretary of Defense, she will pick the lesbian General from the Marines. She can sexually harass the General as well as boss her around. LOL
Hillary’s cabinet positions are merely flunkies anyway, and low-profile ones at that, so I won’t go into who she picks. They are all democrat party hacks and GOP turncoats and cucks.

On her first day in office, Hillary signs an Executive Order requiring full background checks for all gun sales, even those between private parties. She also bans magazines holding ten or more rounds, and all “assault-style” rifles. Owners of banned magazines and rifles must turn them in to the Federal government after 45 days or face $10,000 fines for each day they do not comply, and up to ten years in prison. This angers gun owners across the country. After seven weeks, the FBI and U.S.marshals are sent out to confiscate them…

Chapter 1

Agent Tanaka got into his government car, the grey four door sedan with the police band radio and the U.S. government license plates. His partner for this assignment, Agent Barnes, a female FBI agent, got in the passenger side, and he backed the car out of his assigned space in the Washington D.C. parking structure. He was to go to a suburban Virginia address of a gun owner who was known to own three AR-15 rifles, which he had not turned in. According to the FBI’s records, fewer than 10 percent of all assault rifle owners had turned in their weapons as required by President Clinton’s Executive Order. Tanaka also knew that there were many millions of AR-15 style and similar rifles out there whose whereabouts were unknown to the FBI and the various state agencies. That was because, contrary to popular belief, rifles similar to the famous and demonized AR-15 had been legally sold all over the world, including the United States for over 50 years. No one could really say how many there were, or where they were. So the FBI and the marshals, a bureau of the Justice Department, like the FBI, started going down the lists of those who had submitted to a background check to purchase an ‘assault’ style rifle, as defined by Mrs. Clinton and her personal staff.

The first name on Tanaka’s list was James Leroy Templestein. He lived in a nice upper-class working neighborhood in the Virginia suburbs. Either through neglect, or willful disregard for the Executive Order, he had failed to comply by turning in his three rifles and their magazines to the local police, and now Tanaka, Barnes, and a team of local uniformed police officers were going to raid Templestein’s house at 4:15 this morning. This was their first operation together, and teams like this were starting the raids at the same time all across the country. The Eastern Time Zone of 4:15 was 3:15 AM in the Central time Zone, and 2:15 Mountain Time. Iy was 1:15 Pacific time, and the hour was picked to catch as many residents as possible at home asleep, for sleepy, disoriented people who were startled by having their doors kicked in were more prone to comply and less likely to resist arrest.

Tanaka and Barnes chatted nervously as they drove to the rendezvous point, which was a block away from the target’s address. They pulled up to the curb just as the police cruiser and van were getting there.
They got out and greeted the police Captain, whose name was Captain Jordan. “Nice to meet you, Captain”, said Tanaka and Barnes as Jordan shook Tanaka’s hand. He turned to Barnes, and tentatively shook her hand also. Touching female personnel these days was a dangerous thing, Just the wrong amount of pressure, or brushing against the wrong body part inadvertently could land you in a world of shit. Captain Jordan knew of one police Sergeant who had accidentally brushed his sleeve against a female officer’s hip and wound up losing his job and any hope of a pension because of it. Jordan nervously looked away after shaking her hand.

Captain Jordan started talking to Agent Tanaka, “The plan is to leave the paddy wagon…er I mean the Police van…here until after the arrest or arrests are made. You guys wait until we signal you, then bring the van up, backing it into the Templestein’s driveway. I have checked it out, and it is a large driveway and the family’s cars are usually parked in the garage. We will breech the front door at exactly 4:15, and throw in a flash-bang explosive and send in three officers with Agents Tanaka and Barnes, while two more officers cover the back door of the house. The double garage door is visible from the front. Any questions ?” he said as he looked around the small group gathered at the curb. “No ? Then let’s go!”.

Tanaka and Barnes get in their car and check their weapons efficiently. Neither wore their seatbelt for the short drive to the Templesteins’ residence. The police cruiser was just stopping as Tanaka pulled up to the front of the house. It was a white, two story colonial style hous with grey trim. The house looked rather small for a colonial style, Tanaka thought, but you know what the economy has been like the past few years. It was a nice house, despite it’s smaller size.

By now, the police officer with the steel battering ram was in position. So were the three officers that were to go in with Tanaka and Barnes. The time was 4:14. One minute to go. Tanaka pulled his pistol. ,,,”Ready ?” he whispered to Agent Barnes. She nodded confidently. Tanaka pushed the arm of the man with the steel ram and said “Now !”. Then all hell broke loose.

The man with the ram swung back his arms, and suddenly swung them forward again. There was a loud cracking sound as the locks, a regular locking doorknob, and a large deadbolt lock broke, and the front door opened. Coming from the upstairs, a scream startled Tanaka as the two Agents and the three police officers pushed into the house, moving as one. Tanaka and Barnes rushed up the stairway to the left of the hallway. A couple of steps behind them, one officer followed, while the other two split up, one going left into where a living room area was located, while the other officer ran toward the rear of the house. A dog barked as he entered the kitchen, followed by two gunshots. “Clear !” the officer in the kitchen yelled.

A few seconds later, the second officer had quickly searched the living room, a spare bedroom, and a room that looked like a den or study, and called out “Clear !”. Meanwhile Tanaka and Barnes entered the master bedroom, after kicking the door open. Their flashlights lit the scene badly, as the sound of a gunshot exploded in their ears. Agent Barnes screamed and Agent Tanaka aimed in the direction where the flash of gunfire had come from. He fired five times, quite rapidly, then got his flashlight aimed there to survey the scene. 

There was a man lying on the bed, sprawled on his back, with a bullet hole in the bridge of his nose, obviously dead, He also had another bullet wound in the center of his forehead. Lying next to him was a woman, with grey hair, also obviously dead from wounds in her chest.. There was blood all over her and all over the bed. The man had a snub nosed revolver,which at first glance looked like a .38 in his hand. The woman was unarmed. Tanaka yelled “Clear !”, as he heard a similar call from down the hall in another bedroom. The sound of his gunfire was ringing in his ears. He barely heard as Barnes said, “Let’s go report.”.

Out on the front lawn the team all circled up around Captain Jordan. “Any casualties ?” Jordan yelled. Several men responded with a reply of “No, Sir”. “Good, Now, Richardson, tell me what went down.”.  The man who had cleared the kitchen said “There was a dog in the kitchen, and I shot it. The rear of the house was empty.”. Jordan then said “Kowalski !”, and the man who had cleared the living room and the south half of the house said “The living room, den, and a spare bedroom on the ground floor were all empty, Sir. And I called the Medical Examiner. They’re sending a meatwagon.”. Then, he barked “Jones !”, and officer Jones said the two bedrooms I cleared upstairs were empty, Sir”. Then, in a softer voice, Jordan asked the two FBI agents “So how did your part go ?”. When Agent Tanaka didn’t respond, Agent Barnes said “Agent Tanaka and I entered the master bedroom, A man fired at us with a revolver, and officer Tanaka responded with his weapon, killing the perpatrator. A woman who was with   the man was killed also.”.  Jordan replied “Thank you all for a safe operation with no casualties. Please have your reports on my desk tomorrow morning. Good Job !”.

On the drive back to the FBI office,  Tanaka thanked Barnes for responding to Jordan’s question. “I really don’t like to say anything until I have thought out the exact words I want to use. You can’t be too careful these days.”. Barnes wholeheartedly agreed.

Chapter 2.

President Clinton roughly pressed the button on her phone to page her Chief of Staff. She barked into the microphone “Get your ass in here now !”. Her closest assistant, a heavyset black woman, burst in through the door that led to a conference room next door. The Chief rushed over, standing across the desk from the President of the United States. No one dared call her anything but “Madame President”. “Madame President,  what can I do for you ?” she said timidly, despite having worked for her boss for over twenty years. 

The President responded “Where is that SOB Comey ?”, referring to the muslum FBI director. “Get him here NOW !”. “Yes, Madame President !” said the black woman, as she turned to leave the Oval Office for the secretary’s desk just outside.  As she neared the door, a knock sounded and she quickly opened it, seeing an FBI agent on the other side. The agent asked “Is the President ready for the Director ?”. From behind the Famous Resolute Desk, zoomed a voice “Get your ass in here NOW !”. The agent deftly ducked out of the way as the FBI Director walked into the office. He gingerly walked over to the twin couches that faced each other and took a seat at one end.

“You said that this would be easy !” President Hillary Clinton yelled. “You only found 500 assault rifles in an entire week” she said in a forceful voice, which was better than her yelling. “525 to be exact, Madame President", the FBI director said, his voice only slightly above a whisper. He continued “After the first day and a half, we think that the gun owners began hiding their guns offsite to avoid the collections”. “And then there were those who chose to resist and fight. Over 300 skirmishes resulting in 316 gun owners killed and 345 of our agents, U.S. Marshals and local police killed. And there were 824 wounded-“  the President interrupted “I don’t CARE what the fuck happened- get those fucking guns !” she screamed. “And don’t come back here until you do better. MUCH MUCH better !”. She stormed out of the Oval Office.

Chapter 3

The presidential limo, one of four identical armor-plated Cadillac vehicles, rather than the usual two, due to “special circumstances”,  glided past the open gate into the compound a Chappiqua. It stopped at the entrance of the mansion owned by former president Bill and current president Hillary Clinton. The secret service agent who had watched the gate slide open moved and opened the right rear door and the former president got out. “Hello, Johnson” said Bill to the agent. “Hello, Mr. President” replied the agent, whose name was Johns, not ‘Johnson’. The former president thought it humorous to call him ‘Johnson’. A slight sexual innuendo, although unjustified by anything on the agent’s part. Bill just related everything around him to sex.

As agent Johns closed the limousine door, another car was waved through the iron gates. It was a dark blue Jaguar with U.S. government plates and it pulled up beside the Midnight Blue limo. Bill and ‘Johnson’ walked over to the driver’s door and watched the driver get out. It was an old associate of Bill’s, named Cheryl Pike. She said “Mr. Attorney General”, shook hands with Bill, and the two walked over to the residence and went in the door. 
Once inside, Bill led Cheryl to his private study. Cheryl Pike went to a side bar and poured two glasses of bourbon to the level of two fingers.
“Business or pleasure ?” she asked. Bill said “Well, it’s the boss” meaning Hillary. He had taken to referring to his wife as “the boss” since she had become president. “She wants something done about that Florida thing”. A reporter was asking questions about some contributions to the Clinton Family Foundation, which had long ago quit pretending to be legal and aboveboard.
Pike downed her drink in one swallow. “How soon ?” she asked. “You know the answer to that” Bill said. Cheryl and Bill never used more words than necessary to communicate when it was business. They had understood from the beginning that too many words or being too specific could land them both potentially in prison, even though the entire Justice Department and FBI was totally under the heavy control of the Clintons as they had been under the former president, whom Bill privately referred to as ‘the negro’. And sometimes, as ‘the nigger’. And despite the fact that this entire house was swept for listening devices, ‘bugs’, twice a day. You couldn’t be careful enough. Especially with ‘the boss’. 

“I’ll see what can be done” Cheryl said as she set down her glass on the bar. She turned and left Bill to his drink. The ex-president got up, and poured his drink down the sink. He left the glass there and sat back down in his leather chair.
Having completed his task for the day, he pulled the phone from his jacket pocket and dialed a number. “Hey Darlin’ !” he said. He was not speaking to his wife.

Chapter 4

The country had shifted ever so slightly after Hillary had won the election. It had been close- Florida once again had been close, but this time, unlike 2000 when GW Bush had won by 500 votes- and there was much that was irregular about the vote count that time- the democrats had pulled out, or pulled off- a victory. Colorado and Arizona had both been tight , where certain campaign tactics, like bussing illegals to polling place after polling place so they could vote ten or more times, had paid off with Hillary wins. The Republicans had been burned badly in 7 or 8 states, and the supporters of Donald Trump were  incensed, as were the “second-Amendment people”, and the so-called Tea Party. They had given the Republicans victories in 2010 and 2014 to put them in control of the House and the Senate, only to have them fail to oppose Obama on any part of his  agenda. Now they had given up on politics and turned from resistance to  active rebellion.

First, there had been several attacks on the news network headquarters including a bombing at CNN headquarters which killed two reporters and an anchorwoman. That little bastard George Stephanopoulas was assassinated in Washington DC. Most of the attacks had involved the breaking of dozens of windows and the destruction of satellite trucks and news vans at many locations, but every month one or two nationally-known ‘reporters’ were being killed.  Then over 200 vehicles owned by the Federal government had had their tires slashed on the same night, all in Chicago. The cars were parked at Federal buildings, the residences of Federal employees, outside of bars and restaurants, and at other Federal facilities. What had to have happened was a pre-planned, coordinated attack by dozens of saboteurs, and this was copied or repeated in dozens of cities over the next 4 months.

Then the assassinations began. First, the Speaker of the House of Representatives was shot by a sniper as he played a round of golf. The course that he played on had a Security force, and there were Secret Service agents with the Speaker, so the assassin was killed before he made it out of the trees and back to his car. Then the Mayor of Detroit was killed outside his office by a drive-by shooter, who was never caught. A dozen unsuccessful attempts were made on Senators and Congressmen. Federal employees all over the country were being killed by various means all over the country, at the rate of about 20 per month. As a result, hundreds of Federal workers had quit their jobs, others were calling in sick. Morale was in the dumps, and Hillary had given a speech on all Major networks in Prime Time, blaming the republicans as ‘radical terrorists’. Trump had made a speech calling for calm. State governors and legislators all over the country were scared stiff. None of them had been attacked as of yet, but they were nervous. Meanwhile, Federal employees were having their houses and cars burned while they were at work. Apparently, most of these crimes were committed by ‘lone wolves’, since the few arrests made had resulted in no widespread conspiracies being uncovered.  The killings and attacks on Federal employees was the top story on every national and local newscasts, pushing even terrorist attacks off the front pages.

Chapter 5

Maria Towns was in her white-tiled bathroom, standing in front of the large bathroom mirror, drying her hair with a bulky soft, white towel. She had just stepped from the shower and was wearing a thick white terrycloth bathrobe and white fuzzy slippers. After drying her hair, she pulled open a drawer beneath the double sinks and removed an electric hair dryer and untangled the cord, which was wrapped around the handle. She plugged the cord into the outlet on the wall to her right, and heard the dryer start its usual whine. Then, she heard a crash from downstairs. She panicked, worried that one of her three small children had knocked over a table lamp, or had otherwise hurt themselves. She threw the hair dryer down on the counter and rushed out into the hallway, heading for the stairs. Halfway down the stairs, she saw the man who had kicked in the front door of the house. He was short, dark, stocky, and had a crowbar in his right hand. Maria screamed and froze in her tracks, not knowing whether to go back upstairs, or downstairs. Her indecision was cut short as the man threw the crowbar at her, hitting her heavily  in the forehead. She fell down the stairs, dying.

The man bounded two steps at a time up the stairway past Maria’s unconscious body. He walked down the hallway to the last door, the door to the master bedroom. He opened the door. As he had hoped, there was no one inside. He went to the dresser and pulled open the top drawer. He scooped out the clothes with one hand and dumped them on the floor. He slammed the drawer shut, and pulled open the second drawer. There ! There, he saw a black lacquered jewelry box with gold trim. he roughly opened the box and smiled. The box contained a diamond necklace, several expensive-looking rings, and a gold and silver bracelet. He grabbed the contents of the box and put the jewelry in the pocket of his grey hoodie. He looked around the bedroom for signs of any other valuables. He didn’t see any, but that was OK. The jewelry would be enough for now. It was more than he had scored in more than a month. The man turned to leave the bedroom and started walking down the hall. As he passed a bedroom, he heard a child cry. He quickly opened the door to the child’s room and stepped inside. A child was laying on one of the two twin beds, crying. Another child was asleep in the other twin bed. Take no chances, he thought to himself. He took out a black-handled folding knife from his pants pocket and opened it. He cooly walked over to the crying child’s bed and bent down. Then, he held the kid’s face down and slit the child’s throat. He walked over to the sleeping child and did the same. Then, he wiped his knife on the bedspread, got up, went downstairs past the body of the mother, and left the house.

As the man stepped outside, he was surprised to see two uniformed policemen coming towards him across the lawn. They had pistols drawn, and one of yelled “Halt ! Get on the GROUND !”. The man threw his knife at the cop, who ducked as he and his partner fired, hitting the man eight times. He fell backwards on the grass, dead. The closest officer checked for vital signs, while the other officer called for backup. The first officer stood up and said “Let’s check the house”.
The two officers walked to the front door and went inside, very carefully.

Chapter 6

Maria Towns’ husband Ron, who had been at work when the attack happened, went berserk. He drove away from his house and called his sister and asked her to come get his four month old baby. He hung up as soon as she said she would, not telling her the shocking reason why, or that there would be dozens of police, first-responders and reporters there when she arrived. He drove to a storage facility where he loaded his truck with camping gear, guns, and ammo, stopped at a liquor store, and went to a hunting cabin thirty miles out of town. He drank himself to sleep, and sprawled across the still-made bed.
He woke up at 10:30 the next morning, and only then remembered the horror of the night before. The liquor had mercifully allowed him to sleep. Although no conscious thoughts had told him so, Ron Towns realized that he would never be the same again. He could never lose this anger that he now felt. Not until he got even with someone, somehow.

Ron went to his pickup truck, and started it. The radio came on suddenly “ a horrible tragedy where an illegal alien, from Mexico, with links to drug cartels has allegedly killed a local housewife and two of her three small children. The man, who was not immediately named, pending the notification of relatives, had been deported three times previously”. Ron snapped off the radio. He was starting to seethe inside.  He pounded his fists on the steering wheel and gritted his teeth. Then he drove to a nearby town where a hunting outfitter’s store was, and bought as much ammo as he could afford with the cash he had in his pockets.  He could always get more later.

Chapter 7

President Hillary Clinton was seated behind the Resolute Desk, the famous desk that was carved from timbers of the British exploration ship Resolute in 1880, and given to President Rutherford Hayes by Queen Victoria. Her phone buzzed, and her administrative assistant said “Madame President, the Secretary of State is on the line”. she said “Yes”, then punched a button and picked up the receiver and said “Good Morning, Chelsea”.  She listened to the voice on the other end, her daughter, Chelsea. Chelsea had the third identical limo of the four, the fourth and the first were exclusively for the President. “Has the donation come in yet ? Good,  then schedule an appointment for him with Suzy. Next week. OK, I love you too.” She hung up the phone. Since the inauguration, over one hundred million dollars had come in as donations to the Clinton Family Foundation. All for conversations or meetings with Bill or Chelsea,or favors from the President. Sweet.

Chapter 8

FOX NEWS ALERT- Middle Eastern sources are telling Fox News that a Turkish fighter jet has collided with an American fighter jet over Syria tonight. Turkey, which is a member of NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, and U.S. fighters were apparently conducting some sort of missions over Syria when the collision occurred. At least one of the fighters crashed at the scene. It is not known whether the Turkish plane or the American plane crashed, or if both planes went down. -Going now live to the Pentagon, where a spokesperson will soon be giving a briefing about the matter in a few minutes’ time-. “.

Chapter 9

In the weeks following his wife and children’s murders, Ron Towns had recruited 15 friends, most of whom he had served with in the military. For various reasons, ranging from merely prejudice to the loss of jobs to them, they all had developed a strong dislike for, and in many cases, a hatred for foreigners in general, and illegal Mexicans in particular.  They had met over a week’s time, and developed a plan. Actually several plans. One group of five were getting ranchers who lived directly on the U.S.-Mexican border to give them permission to ‘protect’ their ranches. They patrolled the ranchers’ lands from dusk till dawn, spotting Mexicans who were running or walking toward the fences at the border. The fences were mostly just six feet tall, and made of barbed wire. The group, which called itself the Guardians, simply shot every Mexican they saw as they neared the fences. They used hunting rifles. They had so far killed over fifty Mexicans, among them men, women, and children. And they were just getting started.

The second group of five, which included Ron Towns, nightly went to the cities of Texas, and occasionally Arizona and New Mexico. They haunted the poorer and seedier parts of the big cities, patrolling the dark streets and shitholes where the illegals hang out. Some of the group spoke a little Spanish, and a couple of them spoke it fluently. When they ran across a Mexican who spoke no English, that was enough proof that they were here illegally. They lured them to a dark street or alley, usually with a bottle of liquor, and shot them in the head or chest. “Two in the head, to make sure they’re dead”, some said. Others disagreed “Five in the chest is always best”.

The third group of five silently crept around Texas, quietly plotting and carrying out fatal ’accidents’ which befell prominent liberal Mexican-Americans, all over Texas. After three months, they had killed four state legislators two school board members, and one mayor-and all of the deaths had been seen to be accidents.

Chapter 10

In the months leading up to the recent Presidential election, there had been numerous muslum terrorist attacks in Europe and in America. In the first six months of 2015, hundreds had died- eighty-four run down in France by a muslum driving a truck at a Bastille Day celebration, forty-nine killed by a muslum at an Orlando homosexual nightclub, where the police had sat outside in fear for hours while the muslum killed the unarmed crowd. The attacks were so frequent that support for Donald Trump could be seen to rise after every attack. This was apparently noted by someone somewhere, someone who feared a Trump presidency, because from August until November 8th, the number and frequency of attacks dropped severely. This helped Clinton win the election, no doubt about it. Since the election, however, the pace had picked up again, both in Europe, where two hundred had been recently killed in a bomb blast in a crowded airport terminal, and in America, where nearly a hundred had died in an attack at a Midwestern college basketball game in March. The attacks were back to a nearly perfect weekly schedule.

Chapter 11

Although the Texas ‘accidents’ were undetected and were unknown to all but those in the group that were carrying them out, news of the other two Texas groups were both noticed and copied in other parts of the country.  In large urban areas like Chicago, Baltimore, St.Louis and New York, at first drug peddlers, drug users, and then homeless blacks were turning up dead, noted  in every newspaper’s morning editions. First the undesirable blacks, then increasingly, blacks from all over the city and suburbs. First Chicago, then Saint Louis, then Detroit and Newark. It seemed like the long-hidden racist element, dormant since the 60s and 70s, had returned with a vengeance. And now, it was even starting in smaller cities. 

The predictable results were more riots, and more police killings. Like the riots in Baltimore and Ferguson Missouri, these were televised nationwide. But this time, at a riot in Newark, local TV viewers saw that the police were not responding, and shut off their televisions  and came downtown to confront what they saw as violent, lawless niggers. When they got there, they wasted no time in attacking them with handguns, rifles, rocks, and Molotov cocktails. 
By this time, the police wanted  no part of it, and were ordered to retreat another three blocks from the fighting. Both sides had handguns  rifles, and shotguns. The fighting was seen across the country, until the rioters on both sides dispersed when the sun came up. Over six hundred were injured, and over one hundred had died. Thirty-four city blocks of homes and businesses had burned.The next two days, the scene was repeated in fifteen cities, with similar casualty figures and destruction. And the prospects were for more of the same for the remainder of the summer. The National Guard was called up in twelve states, and fifteen cities were on virtual lockdown.

Chapter 12

CNN News Break- Turkish President Erdogan has announced that Turkey is withdrawing from NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in an unexpected response to the crash of a Turkish fighter jet which collided with an American fighter earlier this week. In the terse announcement, Erdogan also said that Turkey was breaking all diplomatic ties to the United States. He cited “totally inappropriate behavior” and an “inexcusable lack of  competent diplomatic response” in reaction to the crash. He alleged that the U.S. State Department had no other response than to demand an apology for the death of the American pilot whose plane also crashed at the time of the collision. The Turkish Ambassador to the U.S. flew back to his capital, where he denounced the Clinton State Department, especially Secretary Chelsea Clinton and her deputies with whom he and his staff had had contact. He alleged that Secretary Clinton had insisted that his government pay a large sum of money before a meeting with Secretary of State Clinton would be agreed to. Secretary Clinton, and a spokesman for the White House called the accusations “absurd” and hinted that Erdogen was unstable and delusional.

The next day, Turkey’s President Erdogen flew to Moscow and signed a trade and military agreement with Russian President Putin, throwing the diplomatic and military worlds into complete chaos. 

Chapter 13

The door to the President’s bedroom opened softly. The time was 3:10 AM. One of Hillary’s aides, the only person besides the President ever all owed into her bedroom, tiptoed in and gently touched the President’s shoulder and whispered “Madame President”. Though she was the President’s most trusted advisor, and her current lover, she dared not startle the President out of her sleep. lest she be exiled from the inner circle for two or more days as punishment. 
Hillary opened her eyes and murmured “What ?”. The aide replied “Madame President, its a situation. Are you awake ?”. Hillary said “What the fuck is it ?”. “The Russians have attacked one of our ships in the Black Sea. They need you in the Situation Room”.  The President slowly sat up in bed and the aide left the room to let the President dress. After about five minutes the bedroom door opened and Hillary stepped out. The two met two Secret  Service agents and proceeded to an elevator for the ride down to the Situation Room.

The President entered the Situation room, leaving the Secret Service agents outside. Present were the National Security advisor, her deputy, two of their assistants, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, his aide, and an Air Force General, and two Admirals. There were also three reps from the CIA, and the head of Homeland Security. The Secretary of Defense was on her way and not expected for another twenty minutes. The President spoke “So what the fuck happened ?”.  The National Security advisor responded “Three Russian fighter jets buzzed the USS Jesse Jackson several times, and one of them clipped the mast and antenna array, and crashed into the bridge. The latest reports say that we have twelve casualties and thirty three wounded”.  The President shouted “How in the hell did you let this happen ?” the question was aimed at the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, who stood. He responded calmly “For the past three years, the Russians have been buzzing our fighter jets and our warships. Even our carriers. You and your predecessor have not allowed us to retaliate in any way. And neither you nor your predecessor have ever done anything about it, despite my protests. We have” He was interrupted by the President “Don’t try to put the blame on me, you stupid shit ! I am the President and you do what I tell you to ! Or I will fire you and get someone else !” The Chairman sat down in his chair and turned his head toward a large screen at the end of the room. The President said “I want to know where that plane was based, and I want to know NOW !”. One of the Admirals said “Madame President, the Migs were based at a base just over the border from Ukraine, about here”. He pointed to a spot on the video screen with a laser pointer. The President stared at the screen for a moment and said “I want that base bombed. Send in two cruise missiles and let my Chief of Staff know when they have hit it. I want Putin to get the message that we aren’t taking any shit off of him”. There were several protests but they were cut off by the President. “Do what I say or I will have the whole lot of you replaced !”.
The President stormed out and went back to the residence with her aide and the two Secret Service agents. She told her aide “And don’t disturb me before eight o’clock. Eight O’clock !” She entered her bedroom and slammed the door as hard as she could. Even so, the door, engineered to fit its frame so precisely, made almost no sound as it closed. 

Chapter 14

At eight o’clock, Hillary’s aide tried to open the bedroom door, but it was locked. She stepped four or five feet down the hallway to a Secret Service agent standing beside a small table where a telephone and notepad were located. She addressed the agent “Would you please unlock the President’s bedroom door for me ? I was told to wake her up at eight o’clock.”. The agent said “Yes, Ma’am” and the aide followed her to the door, which she unlocked. 

Down in the Situation Room, there was much more action going on than there had been five hours earlier, and many more people in the room. Some were typing on their laptop computers, some were conferencing in groups of two and three, and some were engaged in phone conversations. There were deputies, aides, and assistants rushing in and out, and a constant buzz of people talking over one another. A few of the occupants of the room stood when they saw the President and an aide enter the room, but most were too busy to notice that their Commander-In-Chief had entered the room.
The President strode to her leather-backed, bullet-proof chair, and shouted at the room “You will STAND when I enter the room. Do you UNDERSTAND ?”. The most junior and most senior in the room stood, but those typing on computers or talking on their phones did not. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs stood and said “Madame President, we ordered the Secret Service and your aides to wake you, but they refused. We are at Defcon-1- we are at war. We sent two cruise missiles to the Russian airbase per your orders, and the Russians responded by sinking one of our carriers, the USS Bill Clinton, with a loss of over 3500 of our sailors. We responded by sinking three of their submarines and seven destroyers, then we were attacked at over fifty sites around the world. We have been responding proportionately, but neither side has used nuclear weapons at this point. The war is escalating all over the world.. The Vice President has been advising us and has been kept abreast of the situation. The Chinese have dumped all of our debt on the international markets. The dollar has lost approximately eighty percent of it’s value. It had lost ninety percent, but it bounced back some when the Koreans and Japanese bought as much of it as they could. The Brits would have helped also, but there was an attack on the Pound Sterling as well, probably by George Soros, and they could not help us. We expect riots to  happen as grocery stores  open and customers find that their bank cards and Food Stamp benefits don’t work. The banks have suspended all credit and debit transactions, and we have suspended all EBT card transactions. The Iranians attacked Israel with what we think were nuke-tipped missiles, but we believe that they were all shot down or deflected without hitting any targets in Israel. They also attempted to detonate two nukes high over the U.S., one near Kansas City, and one in the east. The K.C. attempt was unsuccessful, but the entire Eastern half of the country east of Cincinnati and North of Macon, Georgia is blacked out from the Electro Magnetic Pulse it generated, with the exception of most Federal government installations. We have bombed Tehran with Dirty bombs. Their Navy has taken over the Straits of Hormuz, and has started an invasion of Saudi Arabia. North Korea attacked South Korea with conventional weapons and an invasion, and Japan with four nukes. Tokyo is gone. We don’t yet know the status of any Japanese response versus North Korea. The Chinese military is on full alert but has not attacked anyone yet and their intentions are unknown at this time. The PLA has, however occupied the Panama Canal. Oh, and India and Pakistan have attacked each other with at least twenty nukes each. Their status is unknown, with hundreds of millions presumed dead.  The Iranians also attacked Ryadh, Saudi Arabia with multiple nukes. Ryadh is gone. The entire Middle East is engulfed in war, either with Israel, or Iran. Oh, and an estimated half a million Mexicans are heading for our southern border at this time. We won’t be able to stop them all from coming in, even with all our available military. The Vice President is safe at his secure location, but Former President Clinton is out of position. Secretary of State Clinton is safe.That is our status at this time.”.

The President began bobbing her head up and down very rapidly, She showed the whites of her eyes and started to collapse. She was caught by an aide and a Secret Service agent, who sat her down in her leather chair. The aide took out a large syringe and bent down to give the President a shot. Then he stood up and said “Everything you have just seen is Classified. Anyone who says A WORD about this will be tried for treason and executed. Is that CLEAR ?”. Another aide began passing out non-disclosure forms to everyone in the room. The President was wheeled out of the room on a stretcher. The buzz in the room slowed and then stopped for a moment. After all of the forms were signed, the buzz resumed.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

TIDBITS from around the WEB - New Recommended Reading- NOT !

I was going to read this book.....I really was. 
But just as I got started, I found myself under sniper fire, passed out, and fell and hit my head. After that I got double vision and had to wear glasses that were so damn thick I couldn't even see to read. Then I had an allergic reaction to something and started coughing so hard I spit out what looked like a couple of lizard's eyeballs, my limbs locked up, and I passed out and fell down again, waking up only to find out I had been diagnosed with pneumonia 2 days earlier. Somehow I managed to power through it all, but it's a good thing I was able to make a small fortune on this random small trade in the commodities market (cattle futures or some such thing) and then, miracle of all miracles, a few banks offered me a few million to just talk to their employees for a few minutes - and all that really helped out because I swear I was dead broke and couldn't figure out how I was gonna come up with the 6 bucks to pay for this book, let alone pay the $1,500 for my health insurance this month. I still want to read it, but, honestly, what difference at this point does it make? I hear it sucks anyway. - - Don Surber:

If, for example, you are Laurence Tribe in 1984, Harvard professor of law, leftist pillar of the establishment, you can “write” your magnum opus by using the products of your student assistant, Ron Klain. A decade later, after Klain admits to having written some parts of the book, and the other parts are found to be verbatim or paraphrases of a book published in 1974, you can claim (perhaps correctly) that your plagiarism was “inadvertent,” and you can count on the Law School’s dean, Elena Kagan, to appoint a committee including former and future Harvard president Derek Bok that issues a secret report that “closes” the incident. Incidentally, Kagan ends up a justice of the Supreme Court. Not one of these people did their jobs: the professor did not write the book himself, the assistant plagiarized instead of researching, the dean and the committee did not hold the professor accountable, and all ended up rewarded. By contrast, for example, learned papers and distinguished careers in climatology at MIT (Richard Lindzen) or UVA (S. Fred Singer) are not enough for their questions about “global warming” to be taken seriously. For our ruling class, identity always trumps.