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Friday, July 1, 2016

Trumpster Babies vs Hipster Lefties

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Prom Night Trumpster Babies

June 30, 2016
Just as I find myself unbothered by the anti-Jewish elements on the alt-right, I also have no problem with the more traditionally conservative Trump supporters who seem to not only embrace the “low-information voter” designation, but don’t even consider it a slur. You know the type; they always start out every statement of praise for their candidate by declaring, “I may not be some highfalutin intellectual” or “I may not have no fancy education” or “I may just be simple country folk,” only to lead into their explanation of why their gut tells ’em that Trump is the right man for the job.
That kind of “I’m plain as dirt but I knows what I believe” voter doesn’t phase me one bit, because they’re not trying to masquerade as something they aren’t. Plus, inherent in their shtick is a de facto admission that I’m smarter, at least book-smarter, than they are. So, again, the ego-boost thing.
Sadly, the one type of American voter who grates on me like a nursery full of shrieking, colicky newborns is the infernal species I’m doomed to live among here in L.A.—the leftist hipster. Leftist hipsters have neither the Trumpkins’ aw-shucks humility nor the anti-Semites’ worshipful admission of the Jews’ place as overlords in the human pecking order. Leftist hipsters are defined by their smugness, their pseudo-certainty, and their unyielding belief that their views are based on science and rationalism, whereas everyone else’s are based on ignorance, superstition, and fear.
“We might as well have the candidates debate what our colonies on Mars should look like.”
There is nothing that is not foul about leftist hipsters. They traffic in the very fear, ignorance, and superstition that they accuse others of employing. Leftist hipsters will be the first ones to accuse conservatives of being “racist,” yet almost every political move the leftist hipster makes is in some way rooted in a pathological hatred of white people, a hatred that leftist hipsters—most of whom are themselves white—
view as the ultimate self-critical virtue-signaling: “Look how evolved, enlightened, and noble I am—I’m willing to hate my own skin color.”
The night of the Brexit vote, I had a leftist hipster patiently explain to me that my fears about Muslims “invading” Europe through mass immigration are ignorant and unfounded, because the real threat is that now, with the U.K. severed from the E.U., England will most certainly reconquer India and reestablish Rhodesia. The leftist hipster in question, a New York avant-garde “artist” of some small acclaim, said this with a completely straight face(Continued @ link)