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Monday, July 4, 2016


A FEW WORDS ON THE OCCASION OF THE 4TH OF JULY 2016 I have not celebrated the 4th of July in several years. I had noticed that a severe lack of the liberty that was ours when I was a boy. I do not celebrate PHONY INDEPENDENCE.

I cannot park my car IN MY OWN DRIVEWAY without buying license plates for it, whether I drive it or not.

I do not really own my land or my home. I must pay taxes on them yearly, or the county will seize them and sell them.

My vote, even is a worthless sham. Twice the citizens of my state rejected the idea of mandatory seat belt usage, duly voted on statewide. The legislature and governor ignored the wishes of the people and passed such a law.

The citizens of my state voted in favor of an amendment to the state constitution that marriage be a bond between one man and one woman. But the so-called 'supreme' court took that vote away from us by redefining the word 'marriage'.

Although I am over 60 years of age, and have NEVER voted for a single tax increase or expansion of government, taxes rise every year, and government grows exponentially. Apparently, we were simply born into that system and there is nothing we can do about it.

And when the republicans were given control of the House of Representatives, they said "Give us the senate, that we may stop the Obama.".
So we gave them the senate. But still the Obama is unopposed.

And both of my senators voted for GUN CONTROL in the past two weeks.


 And if THAT doesn't work, IT'S CIVIL WAR most harsh.