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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Invasion Europe

"In Iraq, the Jihadi's there were not stupid.  By exploiting Western sensitivities with religious sites, they would hide weapons in whatever mosque that was sympathetic.  Generally it was with the mosques that were not directly involved with gobbling up American tax payer money.  With anyone going in or out, they could have fixed site from which to clandestinely distribute information and a central point to arm the neighborhood.  And we, silly infidels we were, could not do a damn thing about it.   We did end up changing the rules a bit to be able to enter a mosque to look for weapons but these things had to be very carefully handled with the blessing and in conjunction with the local military or police.  These organisations were thoroughly infiltrated by Baathist, Al Queda, (remember the halcyon days of those guys?), Jaysh Al Mahdi, and various other opportunist bad guys.  It was always a good bet that someone was tipped off prior to the raid.

Now we have these mosques littered all throughout Europe and the Jihadi battlefield has shifted.  Not being located in just Iraq or Afghanistan, they are now free to push into whatever direction they wish.  In Matt Bracken's very important connect-the-dots piece, Tet Take 2, he details the major factions at play and the rules of the game. If you have not read this, I would highly recommend you do so.  It has the cursory background plus where the latest Salafist push into the West will inevitably go."

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