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Friday, June 3, 2016

Trump says Hillary must go to jail for breaking the law

'Hillary Clinton has to go to jail!': Donald the counter-puncher clobbers his Democratic challenger over her classified emails as he says watching her anti-Trump speech was 'like taking Sominex'

  • Republican presidential nominee-in-waiting took the gloves off following a blistering speech by Hillary Clinton
  • 'Hillary Clinton has to go to jail' because of her classified email scandal, he boomed as applause erupted in San Jose, California
  • Trump alternated between dismissing Clinton's speech as 'like taking Sominex' and blasting it as 'a phony hit job'
  • He revived a pledge from late April to reopen the Clinton investigation – citing a five-year statute of limitations รพ if he wins the White House
  • See more Donald Trump news as he says Hillary Clinton 'has to go to jail'
The Democratic Party's front-runner delivered a blistering speech earlier in the day that was billed ass a foreign policy address but ended up as a lengthy indictment of Trump as an uncontrollable risk to national security. 
Trump, the Republicans' presumptive nominee, called it 'a phony hit job,' and announced that 'she's guilty as hell.'
He spoke for an hour in San Jose, California, alternating between clobbering Clinton as a morally compromised candidate and berating her for being too boring to watch.
'I watched Hillary's thing today, which was hard,' he said. 'It was like taking Sominex. To watch her is like Sominex.'

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