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The CHRISTIAN part of the Christian States of America

Some time back, in an article called The WHY of the Christian States of America, I explained the reason why we- our country, that is- needed...

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Much of this world lives in fear of the day whitey gets his balls back, because at that point, the benefits are going to get cut off, especially affirmative action and anti-discrimination laws, at which point people no longer have government as the big bully older friend who will beat up on anyone who refuses you anything. Humans operate by prison ethics and it is nonsense to insist we are “more civilized” than that. For years, non-whites have had government as their gang, and it would beat up anyone who dared to interfere, choose their own kind for friends, neighbors, associates and spouses — if those people were white.


  • Not to worry, given that most now trust used car salesmen more than they trust the mainstream media, all publicity is good publicity.
    Note how our views must always be labeled "extremist" but can never be printed because they know we make too much sense.

    • I console myself by recognizing that truth ultimately always wins out. It's the thought of the countless innocents who always suffer because of leftwing schemes that saddens me.
      • Even without The Klan, Neo-Nazis, The AB, White Nationalists and Confederate Flag waivers, Trump still wins the election. 99% of Trump voters don't belong to any of those groups but The Left would like the world to think they do.
        I wish more of them did. Implicitly, many if not most Trump voters have realized that diversity is not a strength. They're not yet pro-white, but they're fed up with anti-white politically correct hypocrisy. Thus, we align ourselves with Trump not because he is one of us, but rather because we can use him to get to them.
    • If only the country were as racist as the left paints it to be.... If only...