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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Magic Dirt Theory

magic dirt theory
The idea that where a person lives determines their behavior, when in reality it's the people who live in a given location that determine if said location is safe or not.
Liberals sure believe in the magic dirt theory--they think that if they move DeShawn out of the ghetto and into the rich white suburbs, he'll suddenly be a good student and make something of himself.
by AntiPCWoman June 16, 2016
Howard Husock, City Journal, Spring 2016
A divisive issue has arisen in Hillary Clinton’s tony adopted hometown of Chappaqua (population 1,400), in New York’s Westchester County: affordable housing–specifically, whether to permit the construction of subsidized apartments for low-income families near the train station. In 2009, the county reached a settlement with the federal government of a lawsuit alleging that it had failed to remove racial and income-related barriers for poor residents seeking better housing–in effect, that it had discriminated. Since then, HUD has doggedly pushed Westchester, including its wealthy localities, to finance hundreds of new units of subsidized housing and to market them aggressively, particularly to minorities  
    • Hillary has said 'we need to build bridges not walls'.
      I don't see any bridges but I do see a fence.

      • Here is the Chappaqua NY home of Bill and Hillary Cartoon.

        3. Cleanse the cities for the NPR crowd.
        2. Foist Chicago's welfare bill onto Boise.
        1. Always the real goal - destroy white communities and cause them the most pain.
        Time for a Whexit referendum
        I love it! Now the 
        rich can truly enjoy diversity they say is so good for the rest of us.      

        What you also don't see - is the multi-million dollar security systems