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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Americans' patience is running thin for muslum enablers and bystanders

Time is running out for muslums in America .

Mainstream America can connect the dots 

from San Bernardino to Fort Hood to 

Seattle to Garland to an empty field in 

Somerset -- and finally to Pulse.

All of these murderers thought they were acting according to their professed islamic 'faith'.

With each new slaughter by a jihadist, the  muslum community in America exhausts a bit more patience and goodwill of Americans. 

[It is TIME for muslums in America to

realize that they are GUESTS here, and to 

clean up their act. Or WE will do it FOR 


Goodwill and mercy is an ablative thing. When jihadist after jihadist destroys our treasured domestic tranquility, they will eventually awaken an American resolve that will sweep away these distractions and confront the problem head-on.

It’s why Donald Trump has tapped into a silent mainstream fury. If the attacks by jihadists continue against innocents, what Donald Trump is proposing might not go far enough for many Americans.

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  1. Same people saying we have to allow filthy Muslims cuz 1stamendment.Now say 2nd Amendment should be changed because of them