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The CHRISTIAN part of the Christian States of America

Some time back, in an article called The WHY of the Christian States of America, I explained the reason why we- our country, that is- needed...

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Much of this world lives in fear of the day whitey gets his balls back, because at that point, the benefits are going to get cut off, especially affirmative action and anti-discrimination laws, at which point people no longer have government as the big bully older friend who will beat up on anyone who refuses you anything. Humans operate by prison ethics and it is nonsense to insist we are “more civilized” than that. For years, non-whites have had government as their gang, and it would beat up anyone who dared to interfere, choose their own kind for friends, neighbors, associates and spouses — if those people were white.


  • Not to worry, given that most now trust used car salesmen more than they trust the mainstream media, all publicity is good publicity.
    Note how our views must always be labeled "extremist" but can never be printed because they know we make too much sense.

    • I console myself by recognizing that truth ultimately always wins out. It's the thought of the countless innocents who always suffer because of leftwing schemes that saddens me.
      • Even without The Klan, Neo-Nazis, The AB, White Nationalists and Confederate Flag waivers, Trump still wins the election. 99% of Trump voters don't belong to any of those groups but The Left would like the world to think they do.
        I wish more of them did. Implicitly, many if not most Trump voters have realized that diversity is not a strength. They're not yet pro-white, but they're fed up with anti-white politically correct hypocrisy. Thus, we align ourselves with Trump not because he is one of us, but rather because we can use him to get to them.
    • If only the country were as racist as the left paints it to be.... If only...

    CIVIL WAR--Sorry, I had NO idea...

    Who killed more Americans than Hitler ? 
    (Hint- he is on the penny and Five dollar bill.)

    Make Mexico SPAIN again !


    •  Elect representatives to change constitutions, collapse government, engage in rebellion or subvert from within. Any will work, and all are relatively frequent methods of regime change. Instead of choosing those who have the most and deciding they are our best, we should choose our best and give them the wealth and power so they will not abuse it and use it to increase our joy in life.
    • End diversity. Revoke all affirmative action, civil rights and anti-discrimination law. Restore freedom of contract. Recognize that immigration is illegal and arrange for the deportation of all who do not belong here. Resume using strong ethnic identities of the people features in movies, advertising, books and public life.
    • Cease all welfare states and any laws which protect people from their own actions. End immigration, foreign aid and other aid programs. End mandatory and subsidized medical care. Form a union of Western Europeans among whom we trade and share technology, and exclude the rest of the world.
    • End government. Reduce taxes to the bare minimum required for defense and roads. Sell off all other divisions of government on the open market. Invalidate all regulations and laws made since 1792. End public education and health programs.

    Now MORE gun totin' civilian Feds than U.S.Marines

     (Similar to a post at Free Beacon) -
      There are now more non-military government thugs who carry guns than there are U.S. Marines. Civilian agencies spent $1.48 billion on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment between 2006 and 2014. Examples include IRS agents with AR-15s, and EPA fuxtics wearing camouflage. Other totalitarian agencies that have purchased guns and ammo include the Small Bid-ness Administration, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Emissions, the Department of De-education, and the National Institute of Standards and Necropathy.
    (Article @ http://freebeacon.com/issues/now-bureaucrats-guns-u-s-marines/
    • An Arab woman walks into a London shop and buys 1 egg, 1 bottle of milk and 1 sausage, the shopkeeper asks – “You’re single, aren’t you?”
    “Yes,” she replies, “how could you tell?”
    “Because you’re fVcking ugly !”

    Monday, June 27, 2016

    Mourners sing "Camptown Ladies" during funeral procession, then OOPS !

    Mourners sing "Camptown Ladies Sing This Song- Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah" during funeral procession for suicide bomber who was shot before he could detonate himself.
    Perhaps someone FORGOT something...
    thats a BIG OOPS !
    I never get tired of watching that...
    A sex therapist is travelling through the Middle East getting data on goat-sex.First he visits Mahmud, an Iraqi goat herder on the outskirts of Baghdad. “Tell me” he says, “What method do you use for goat sex?” Mahmud replies, “Well I trap her head in a fig bush then attack from behind”.Next, the therapist goes to Egypt and visits Amar who works on the banks of the Nile, and asks him the same question. “Well” says Amar, I push her into the mud and when her back legs are stuck strong I grab her from behind and give it to her real good.”
    Finally he Visits Abdul in the Gaza strip and again asks the same question. Abdul answers, “”I stick her left front leg over my right shoulder and her right front leg over my left shoulder and as she stands on her back legs facing me …”
    “Hold on” interrupts the researcher, “this is unusual”. “Unusual?” asks Abdul, “In what way?”
    “Well,” says the researcher, “all the other Arabs take the goat from behind, none of them face the sheep”
    “What”! exclaims Abdul, “No kissing?”

    Pastor told ads on bus benches would be barred if they use the name Jesus.

    Pastor told he cannot advertise Jesus on Colorado Springs bus benches

    The city of Colorado Springs said Monday it is reviewing the advertising policies of Mountain Metro Transit after a local pastor was told his advertisements on bus benches in Colorado Springs would be barred if they use the name Jesus.
    Mountain Metro Transit recognizes that it acted "hastily" in dealing with the pastor and his advertisements, the city said.
    Lawson Perdue, a pastor at Charis Christian Center in west Colorado Springs for 15 years, said he was told if the name Jesus was allowed, hate messages would have to be allowed, too.

    Perdue said his church has been advertising on transit benches in the city for the past three years, using various Jesus-related campaigns. Two years ago benches said "Celebrate Jesus," last year benches said "Experience Jesus," and now benches say "Jesus is Lord."
    Last week Perdue was told by Mountain Metro Transit after his contract expires on July 10 his advertisements will no longer be allowed to include Jesus because one person complained about the advertisements. Perdue said his church has ads on 20 benches with the "Jesus is Lord" campaign on them. He said he planned to renew his contract with Jesus in future advertisements as well.

    (More @ link)

    Q: How can you tell when a muslum becomes a man?
    A: When the diaper goes from his dirty butt to his greasy head.

    Hillary Clinton Threw a Bible at Secret Service Agent

    Hillary Clinton Threw a Bible at Secret Service Agent, New Book Reveals

    A new book by a secret service agent who served in the Clinton administration alleges that Hillary Clinton once threw a Bible at the head of a security staff member.
    According to The Telegraph, the book, called Crises of Character by Gary Byrne, is set to be released next week.

    Byrne alleges it was a punishment for a security guard to be assigned to protect the first lady, and that Hillary Clinton once threw a Bible at a security guard in a burst of rage, hitting him in the back of the head.
    “She’d explode in my face without reservation or decorum,” writes Byrne, noting that she often swore at agents and had told a uniformed officer to “Go f--- yourself” when he said good morning to her.

    (More @ link)

    EURO-PEON nations 'to be morphed into one' post-Brexit

    European SUPERSTATE to be unveiled: EU nations 'to be morphed into one' post-Brexit

    EUROPEAN political chiefs are to take advantage of Brexit by unveiling their long-held plan to morph the continent’s countries into one GIANT SUPERSLUT it has emerged today. 

    The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as “GERMANCE”
    In THIRD attempt, 
    Germany will FINALLY conquer France without the Brits or U.S.A. stopping her.

    Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels. 

    member states would 

    also lose what few 

    controls they have left 

    over their own borders, including the 

    procedure for admitting and relocating 


    The plot has sparked fury and panic in Poland - a traditional ally of Britain in the fight against federalism - after being leaked to Polish news channel TVP Info.
    The public broadcaster reports that the bombshell proposal will be presented to a meeting of the Visegrad group of countries - made up of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia - by German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Schicklegruber later today. 
    Excrements of the nine-page report were published today as the leaders of Germany, France and Italy met in Berlin for Brexit crisis talks. 
    (More @ link)

      • When you bow down in the mosque to pray, make sure to look up at the a$$hole in front of you, there you'll find Mohammed the Prophet in all it's glory. bismillah.
        • Hahaha.. I couldn't find a better reply to this follower a$$hole of a mad pervert.
          so, I was walking through Chicago and I saw that there was a "Muslim Book Store."I was wondering what exactly was in a Muslim bookstore, so I went in. As I was wandering around taking a look, the clerk stopped me and asked if he could help me.
    • I imagine I didn't look like his normal clientele, so I asked, “Do you have a copy of Donald Trump's book on his U.S. Immigration Policy regarding Muslims and illegal Mexicans?"
      The clerk said, "FVck off, get out and stay out!"
      I said, "Yes, that's the one. Do you have it in paperback ?

    Sacramento Dreamin' vs Free Speech

    Sacramento Dreamin'
    (Contains a few Dirty Words and Scary Truth)

    Sunday, June 26, 2016

    Mexican Cartels Have Infiltrated U.S. Military, Federal Agencies

     Mexican Cartels Have Infiltrated U.S. Military, Federal Agencies

    by BRANDON DARBY & ILDEFONSO ORTIZ26 Jun 2016Veteran journalist extraordinaire Sharyl Attkisson made the shocking assertion that Mexican cartels have infiltrated the U.S. military and U.S. law enforcement agencies–and she is correct. Her assertion is backed up by years of Breitbart Texas reports showing that some U.S. soldiers have worked for cartel efforts to smuggle humans and drugs and that far too many in U.S. federal law enforcement agencies have fallen into working for Mexican cartels.
    Attkisson’s assertion was made on Breitbart News Daily to host Stephen K. Bannon. She stated on the June 24, 2016 show:
    On the other hand, I think about the military guys, and they may think, is this a victimless crime? It’s really not illegal to come to this country. The two Mexicans they had been transporting last week had each been removed from the US three times before. And maybe they think, why shouldn’t I make some money on the side doing something the government doesn’t really mind. They don’t mind if the illegal immigrants come here.
    I think they know about it. And it’s people inside Border Patrol and inside the military who have long been involved in smuggling drugs, as well as smuggling humans. They’re well aware of it. They don’t talk about it much but it’s well known inside. I’ll be doing a story in the Fall about corruption inside the Border Patrol which is just out of control. There’s so many agents. The cartels place people inside Border Patrol now, smugglers place people inside Border Patrol get them hired there. It’s a big issue.
    As Breitbart Texas previously reported, FBI Director James Comey discussed a public corruption task force created particularly for border officials. “The color of of corruption is green,” Comey said at the time. 

    Breitbart Texas began reporting on U.S. soldiers taking part in human smuggling and trafficking in 2014,  shortly after federal authorities  began to identify and target the trend. At the time, agents with U.S. Homeland Security Investigations started to unravel a large smuggling operation using U.S. military personnel. On September 2014, HSI agents arrested a soldier at the Sarita checkpoint about 70 miles north of the Texas border when he drove a vehicle with two illegal aliens hiding under military clothing spread in the vehicle. At the time of the arrest the soldier was in his military uniform. During questioning by HSI agents, he admitted to having driven through the checkpoint at least two other times.

    (More @ link)

    Mexico and the drug cartels are at war with AMERICA.
    Deport all illegal aliens.
    Build the WALL.
    Cut off all Federal and State welfare for all non-AMERICAN citizens ...

    • Thanks to Obutth*le the muslim brotherhood has also infiltrated government-Federal Government-Google muslim brotherhood US Government and see what you get.

      • After Trump is sworn he'll need to get rid of everyone hired under Obama. He'll need to get Congress to pass legislation on this. You can't these people running the bureaucracy. 

        • I believe that he won't really need Congress for this. Presidents tend to put their own people in as AG and all the other important positions. Just about all Obama's friends will be clearing out their desks. If Hillary got in, she would put the same types in, but with Trump, we should be ok.

          Cartels are buying off US law enforcement and military personal.
          Islamists are buying off US government agencies and groups.
          Our government is making money off both.
          America has been sold-out from within.

          Dont forget the Moslem Brotherhood has infiltrated the Highest offices of Government, assissted by, Mulluh Obama.

    Saturday, June 25, 2016




    “Israeli Prime Minister BENJAMIN NETANYAHU has cancelled his visit to the United States to meet with President HUSSEIN. You see that’s when you know that the situation in the Middle East is bad, when the Israelis are worried that being seen with us will hurt their RELATIONS with the Arabs.” ?

    Help for Sweden

    Muslums don’t eat pigs because they are “dirty”.
    Anyone else think its a bit of the pot calling the kettle black ?


    Magic Dirt Theory

    magic dirt theory
    The idea that where a person lives determines their behavior, when in reality it's the people who live in a given location that determine if said location is safe or not.
    Liberals sure believe in the magic dirt theory--they think that if they move DeShawn out of the ghetto and into the rich white suburbs, he'll suddenly be a good student and make something of himself.
    by AntiPCWoman June 16, 2016
    Howard Husock, City Journal, Spring 2016
    A divisive issue has arisen in Hillary Clinton’s tony adopted hometown of Chappaqua (population 1,400), in New York’s Westchester County: affordable housing–specifically, whether to permit the construction of subsidized apartments for low-income families near the train station. In 2009, the county reached a settlement with the federal government of a lawsuit alleging that it had failed to remove racial and income-related barriers for poor residents seeking better housing–in effect, that it had discriminated. Since then, HUD has doggedly pushed Westchester, including its wealthy localities, to finance hundreds of new units of subsidized housing and to market them aggressively, particularly to minorities  
      • Hillary has said 'we need to build bridges not walls'.
        I don't see any bridges but I do see a fence.

        • Here is the Chappaqua NY home of Bill and Hillary Cartoon.

          3. Cleanse the cities for the NPR crowd.
          2. Foist Chicago's welfare bill onto Boise.
          1. Always the real goal - destroy white communities and cause them the most pain.
          Time for a Whexit referendum
          I love it! Now the 
          rich can truly enjoy diversity they say is so good for the rest of us.      

          What you also don't see - is the multi-million dollar security systems