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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Reviews of recent media from a Christian perspective...

Recently, my spouse and I went to a couple of shows, one being Risen, and one being The Young Messiah.
We agreed that they were both very good, and good entertainment.
   Risen is a story of speculation. Speculation of what possibly- no, PROBABLY occurred in real life following the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, namely an official or unofficial investigation into the vanished body of Jesus, and the rumors of his return from the dead and claimed  ascension into Heaven after 40 days.The story is well told and based of the facts as I understand them. I heartily recommend Risen to you.
   The Young Messiah is also a story of speculation. It is built more on speculation, and less on facts. It starts off with a "tall tale" about the the death of a boy witnessed by the young Jesus, who supposedly raises the boy back to life. 
   This "tall tale", which contradicts the scriptures' telling of Jesus' first miracle, the turning of water into wine at the wedding at Cana, has no basis in historical writings, or in the Holy Bible. There are other scenes in this film which are pure fantasy. In fact, very little of this film is based on fact or scripture. However, the film accurately depicts the "environment" surrounding the life and times of Jesus, and the atmosphere of the Promised Land while under the heel of the brutal Roman Empire.
   As a work of purely entertainment, I can recommend it with a few reservations. 
   One, it is not suited for young children, as it depicts much brutal violence- stabbings, slaying with swords, and also the almost CASUAL way that the Romans dealt out crucifixions and torture.
   Two, remember that it is NOT a factual telling of  Jesus' life. There is simply not enough detailed in the Bible about the life of Jesus before he began his ministry at about the age of 30.

   I DID like the film in spite of its shortcomings. It  is respectful, if not true, and gives some background settings to the story of Jesus. However. I believe that it would have been better if it had included MORE from Jesus' later life, and LESS Hollywood FICTION.
Another subject, which I have mentioned before, is streaming TV. ---I know that many Christians have stopped watching TV due to its disgusting everyday content which consistently mocks and demeans moral values and is a horrible diet of filth for teens and families. 
   I have reported that I have a Roku unit for my TV. (There are other devices such as Google, Apple, and others, but I have experience only with Roku). 
   Roku, after the purchase of the Roku unit, which for me was under $50, is FREE. NO monthly bills, EVER. You must have an internet connection to make it work. 
   However, I have also subscribed to Netflix, which is about $10 per month, and Amazon Prime. which is $99 per year, and has other benefits including free 2-day shipping on many of their products like books that you can order online. 
   I am HAPPY to report that both Amazon and Netflix have an abundance of Christian and Bible-based movies to pick from. ALERT- both services ALSO have un-Christian and morally-unsafe movies and TV shows on them, just like broadcast and cable TV, so do not assume that I am recommending any and all shows on Netflix, Amazon, or on Roku in general. But if you enjoy Bible stories in movies or TV shows, there is a good selection for you there.