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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Review of "Red States Radio" and link to "Agenda21radio"

Recently I have been listening to Red States Radio on Tune-In. Red States Radio is a network that has some interesting shows on it. 
   If you want to hear interesting interviews that say who financed and facilitated the startup of ISIS- hint: one is residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in a major eastern U.S. city, and another is a leading candidate for the democrat nomination for president- or solve the riddle of where did all the BILLIONS of rounds of ammo that U.S. government agencies bought up went to- hint: it rhymes with crisis- this is the place. 
   I do not agree with all of the opinions expressed on the network, but they are varied and no one could agree with all the opinions put forward on the network. 
   I also like Agenda21 radio. It is one of the shows on Red States Radio. Here is a list of some headlines on the Agenda21 website:
 Here is a link- www.agenda21radio.com