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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The first Communist church of Sodom and Gomorrah

Last week, I went on a trip to visit relatives in a faraway city. On Sunday, I went to a "church" which was pastored by a young relative of mine. It is a real "church", that is it is affiliated with a major "mainstream" denomination, (more like demonimation) the Methodists. 
They had a guest pastor that week, so I did not get to hear my relation preach, but the guest preacher AND my relative both thanked their audience for supporting the "MOVEMENT" in the "COMMUNITY" several times. The guest preacher, who like my relative, is an ordained minister in  the Methodist "church", spoke in favor of supporting the LBGT COMMUNITY.
Others also used the words "COMMUNITY" and "MOVEMENT" several times.
For this reason, PLUS the fact that they did not quote more than one or two passages from The Holy Bible the entire service, I recognized the whole shebang as a POLITICAL meeting, NOT a meeting of Believers who came together to worship Our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. (By the way, the first "Hymn" they sang was a folk song pledging that they "won't study WAR no more"). Therefore, I refused to take communion with them, or to give them a gift of money. I believe that they were fooling themselves- or more accurately, they have been fooled by the Devil.

What to call this "church" ? I first thought about Babylon Mystery Church.
But as you can see, I found a more accurate name.

Is YOUR church a political gathering, or a Bible-believing Jesus-worshipping House of God ?

Have you found a Bible-believing church at all, or are you worshipping at home ? Are you searching for a church home ? 
I say that going to a political gathering posing as a church is not what the Lord wants us to do.
I wish you all Godspeed in finding a home to worship in, even if it is YOUR own home.