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Saturday, October 31, 2015

The first Communist church of Sodom and Gomorrah

Last week, I went on a trip to visit relatives in a faraway city. On Sunday, I went to a "church" which was pastored by a young relative of mine. It is a real "church", that is it is affiliated with a major "mainstream" denomination, (more like demonimation) the Methodists. 
They had a guest pastor that week, so I did not get to hear my relation preach, but the guest preacher AND my relative both thanked their audience for supporting the "MOVEMENT" in the "COMMUNITY" several times. The guest preacher, who like my relative, is an ordained minister in  the Methodist "church", spoke in favor of supporting the LBGT COMMUNITY.
Others also used the words "COMMUNITY" and "MOVEMENT" several times.
For this reason, PLUS the fact that they did not quote more than one or two passages from The Holy Bible the entire service, I recognized the whole shebang as a POLITICAL meeting, NOT a meeting of Believers who came together to worship Our Lord and Savior, JESUS CHRIST. (By the way, the first "Hymn" they sang was a folk song pledging that they "won't study WAR no more"). Therefore, I refused to take communion with them, or to give them a gift of money. I believe that they were fooling themselves- or more accurately, they have been fooled by the Devil.

What to call this "church" ? I first thought about Babylon Mystery Church.
But as you can see, I found a more accurate name.

Is YOUR church a political gathering, or a Bible-believing Jesus-worshipping House of God ?

Have you found a Bible-believing church at all, or are you worshipping at home ? Are you searching for a church home ? 
I say that going to a political gathering posing as a church is not what the Lord wants us to do.
I wish you all Godspeed in finding a home to worship in, even if it is YOUR own home.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Eddie Munster wants to be Speaker of the House, if THE CONSERVATIVES PROMISE TO FOLLOW HIM BLINDLY

Eddie Munster tells House Republicans he will run, if conditions are met

Ryan announces run for House speaker, with conditions
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Rep. Paul Ryan announced Oct. 20 that he will run for House speaker, saying "this is not a job I ever sought." (C-SPAN)

Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.) moved closer to the House speakership Tuesday, telling fellow Republicans that he would consider taking the job if he could be assured that the caucus would unite behind him.
Ryan faced his colleagues — and his political future — at a private evening meeting of House Republicans in the Capitol basement. He said he would be willing to step into the speaker’s role, ending weeks of GOP leadership turmoil, as long as disparate factions moved in the coming days to support him.
“I hope it doesn’t sound conditional — but it is,” he said, according to members inside the room. He paused after saying the word “conditional,” they said, for effect.


Monday, October 19, 2015

America Looks A Lot Like Nazi Germany Did Just Prior To World War II

Once upon a time America fought a great war to rid the world of the Nazis, but now we have become just like them.  In fact, I would venture to say that the Nazification of the United States is pretty much complete.  As you will see below, we have a heavily socialized economy where tax rates are out of control and lots of freebies are given out just like the Nazis did.  And just like the Nazis, our society has become highly militarized and our government has become increasingly obsessed with watching, tracking, monitoring and controlling the general population.  But more than anything else, all of the pageantry and beauty in our society masks an evil which has grown to a level that is almost unspeakable.  The other day, my wife and I were watching some footage of the beautiful parades and celebrations that were held in Germany before World War II, and they certainly were very impressive.  But under the surface, a great evil was growing.  Just because something happens behind closed doors does not make it okay, and just like the Nazis, our society is about to learn an exceedingly painful lesson in that regard.

(More @ link)

And there is a potentially more  damning similarity to the Nazi Germany that we all know and hate- the fact that like pre-war Germany, we are hopelessly in debt. Like the long-term unemployed father who has no prospects and a hungry family, the temptation is there to mug a stranger walking by or to knock over a liquor store to buy groceries for the family.
Germany did so by taking Poland and Czechoslovakia then the rest of Europe.
America may do it by taking on any number of potential enemies, such as  Russia, Iran, maybe China, and any number of other countries. And the Obama is just the demon to get us into it, what with his core value being the destruction of the United States of America, and the rise of the third (muslum) world.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Democrat Debate Quote about Enemies

Which enemy are you most proud that you have made?
Hillary: NRA, the drug companies, the Iranians, the Republicans (but she wants to bring everyone together?)
Sanders: Wall Street, drug companies
Chafee: coal lobby
Webb: the enemy soldier who threw grenade at me

Sunday, October 11, 2015


World Politics...Obama vs Putin

Come and take them. Start here.

Living Freedom by Claire Wolfe. Musings about personal freedom and finding it within ourselves.

Claire Wolfe

Come and take them. 

Start here.
Friday, October 9th, 2015  

Stirring myself to the right words after One of Those Tragedies always takes a while. First, there’s the dragged-down feeling of “here we go again.” The antis rush gleefully on stage to perform their blood dances and once again, decent people need to respond to them, if for no other reason than to keep the record straight.
We can’t even stop to speak with decency and sympathy for the horrible losses because to speak at all is to become political. And that’s obscene.
Mass murders, whether by bomb or knife or vehicle or poison, are horrific individual tragedies. But mass murders by firearm result in a dreary sameness.
Except this time.

This time, instead of merely hissing about “common sense gun control,” instead of the bad old lie that “nobody wants to take your guns, you paranoid crazy,” the media elite now openly call for repeal of the Second Amendment and/or confiscation of firearms. They’re following their Glorious Leader, who rushed to the podium before the blood had even ceased flowing to demand that we should “do an Australia” to rid the nation of guns.
As Nicki Kenyon wrote, at least they’re finally being honest.
Wishing for the impossible, as usual, but finally stating what they really want.
Better people than I have said just what those elitist dreams would entail. Charles C. W. Cooke (who’s written some of the best responses on this)invited the 2A repealers to start a movement.
Which of course they’re not going to do. Because that takes more effort than writing an op-ed or issuing an executive order.
And of course, they never, ever, ever think their way to the bottom line — that they intend to sit safely in their New York or Washington or Los Angeles offices while tens of thousands of working-class grunts — heavily armed and armored working-class grunts, but still — attempt to confiscate everyone’s weapons.
That image is too messy to fit in their utopia, of course. Anyhow, it would take years to get to point where the fedgov or state governments were ready to get that “non-violent.”
Meantime, I have a suggestion for those who want the guns gone.
This is for you, elitist scribblers.
Here’s an invitation. Shut the hell up and come and take them. You can start at my house.
I’m getting kind of old now — well, oldish — and I don’t have the fire I used to. I just want to live a peaceful life in a peaceful place. I don’t care to get roused over every new crisis. I don’t like to fight. So I should be an easy target. Come to my house. Come and take my guns. See how it goes.
I had good training in handling firearms, but I don’t practice as much as I should and I’m really not very ready for this. Again, this makes my house an easy place to start your confiscation campaign. Come and take them.
I’m not some big muscle guy. I’m a skinny woman. Again. Easy. Come and take them.
I’m not a member of the big, bad NRA — you know, the monsters that are single-handedly responsible for making “gun violence” possible. Surely I’ll surrender easily, then. Come and take them.
Though politically radical by your standards, I’m not a wild-eyed fanatic hiding out in a bunker in one of those infamous “compounds.” I’m just a regular woman who shares cookies and soup with the neighbors and chats with the clerks down at the post office about their bad backs and the lastest town news. Absolutely nobody who knows me imagines I’m any sort of danger to them or anybody else. But I own guns. So come and take them.
I have dogs, but they’re both old and friendly. So they shouldn’t get in your way. Anyhow, it’s just become routine these days for enforcers to shoot the family pets. So no, the dogs should be no obstacle to confiscating my firearms. Come and take them.
Although it’s not really possible to be a law-abiding citizen in this age when each of us routinely commits three felonies a day without knowing it, I do try. I try to be a good neighbor, a good person, and a good citizen. So really, what do you have to fear from me? I’m your perfect test case. Come and take them.
I’d like to live another 20 years — 30 would be better — but I’ve lived a full life and to die now, whether at the hand of a freelance criminal or a tyrant, wouldn’t be any great tragedy. So come and take them.
Really. See how it goes with one weak, skinny, peaceable woman who wishes no harm to anyone. Come and take them. I invite you.
See how that goes. Then times that by 100,000,000.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

London Ugmoversity’s “Diversity Officer” Arrested After Tweet #KillAllWhiteMen

A student diversity officer who came to prominence in a race row after allegedly tweeting the hashtag #killallwhitemen has been charged by police with sending a threatening communication.
Bahar Mustafa, (of course) of Goldsmiths, University of London, is set to appear at Bromley magistrates court on 5 November.
The 28-year-old from Edmonton, north-east London, faces two charges. One is sending a communication conveying a threatening message between 10 November 2014 and 31 May 2015. The second is for sending a grossly offensive message via a public communication network between 10 November 2014 and 31 May 2015.

Horrible Houston Homo transgender bathroom debate centers on definition of ‘men’

 - The Washington Times - Monday, October 5, 2015
HOUSTON — The noisy debate over this city’s Proposition 1 has centered on whether it would allow men to use women’s public restrooms, which boils down to how you define “men” and “women.”
In a battle that has ranged from bathroom etiquette to gender rights to constitutional debates over religious freedom, a key skirmish broke out after former Houston Astros baseball all-star Lance Berkman appeared in an ad saying that the Nov. 3 ballot measure would “allow troubled men who claim to be women to enter women’s bathrooms, showers and locker rooms,” and the Yes on 1 campaign fired back.
“Prop. 1 will NOT allow men to enter women’s restrooms,” says a post on the website Houston Unites, the group supporting Proposition 1.

By “men,” however, the campaign is excluding biological men who identify as women. Proposition 1 would ban discrimination in public accommodations such as restrooms based on 15 characteristics, including gender identity.
In other words, anyone who tries to stop a biological man who identifies as a woman from using a women’s room would be in violation and could face fines of up to $5,000, if the measure succeeds.
“Obviously, when somebody identifies as transgender, it’s a transitioning process that we don’t really know where people are at in that,” said Richard Carlbom, campaign manager for Houston Unites. “Ultimately, people who live and work in society as women should be using the women’s restroom, and people who live and work in society as men should use the men’s restroom.”