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Monday, August 17, 2015

How to save $moola$ on entertainment by ditching satellite or cable TV- UPDATED post

There have been many articles on the nets urging you to stop watching television because of its harmful effects on your children and on the adults who watch it. This is NOT one of those articles.
Most people enjoy watching TV and movies. I will tell you how to do it for less money or NO money per month.

A while back, I ditched cable for satellite TV. When I signed up, they gave me a low introductory price and 150 channels, mostly junk, and said that it would go up after one year. When I asked how much, they said "A few bucks".
So a year goes by, and they raise the price by $5 per month. No problem. Then last week, I got an email saying that my service would be disconnected for non-payment. I had a setup with my bank to automatically pay the satellite company $40 per month including tax. So I checked with my bank, and found that due to a technical error, they had not been paid. OK, so I called the satellite company and was informed that I owed them $248.

Why ? Three reasons. 1- the unpaid balance, which is perfectly fine.
2- They said that I had added NFL Sunday Ticket, which was a problem, because I had not. And 3-
because my monthly bill was now $77 plus tax. Big problem.
I talked to two reps before getting the straight scoop. They said that they had added NFL Sunday ticket to everyone's package and that we had to opt out. OK, so I opted out.

Long story-short. I got on the internet, specifically on Google, to see what alternatives were out there.
I found Google Chromecast, ROKU, Apple TV, and a couple others. I had no idea that these existed.
One problem-  I have an old GE console model TV from around 1899. Well, maybe 1989.
I found a ROKU unit at Wal Mart (ROKU 1) for $48 that allows me to watch TV for FREE.

You must have an internet connection. The internet connection to the unit is wireless. It picks up the signal from my router BETTER than my computer does (no loss of signal.) The unit is the size of a McDonald's hamburger. It has a 120V  AC power adapter. It hooks up to older TVs that have RCA jacks, (cables supplied) like a stereo. Other ROKU models work with newer TVs.
It has a remote control (batteries included.) I ran right out and got one immediately. I had it hooked up in about 10 minutes. Then I began exploring the many, many channels. And connecting by typing in my email address and password. Several times, for several channels, though some channels do it for you.
Note- my girlfriend, who is not technically-minded EITHER, mastered it in a half an hour.

It is wonderful.
ROKU DOES NOT send you a monthly bill. There are FREE channels, and pay channels. You can get live 24 hour SKYnews and CBS news channels and there is an NBC channel and a Wall Street Journal one that I have not checked out yet. There is a Fox News channel that gives you videos from their news shows, but nothing live.
ROKU claims that there are over 2000 channels, and I have not counted them, but I believe them.
Some channels (most of the free ones) have commercials, but there is Netflix /$8.99 per month/and Amazon Prime/$99 per year/, which I already subscribed to, which are commercial-free.

There are many Christian channels and children's channels.
I found my favorite TV show, "Cadillacs and Dinosaurs" on Amazon.
And there is I-Heart radio, and Tune-In radio, where I found a gun talk show called LOCK AND LOAD, and much, much more. I have had it for a few days and I love it. So far, I have watched 24, Firefly, the History and Smithsonian channels, and some movies. And best of all, they will NOT be sending me a bill.
And there is no buffering except between shows.  The picture quality even on my ancient TV is excellent. Noticeably better than the satellite service.
Roku says that they have added 59 channels JUST THIS WEEK.

This is my opinion, given freely without payment of any kind. My opinions can change at any time, but if they do, I will try to keep you informed. Your mileage may vary. Substantial penalty for early withdrawal. If death occurs, stop taking immediately. Must be THIS tall to ride this ride. Not available in parts of Upper Mongohelia. Always wear protective gear.