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Monday, July 27, 2015

Trading Doomsday (Guest post by Ol' Remus)

9-11, Boston and other mass murders say government can't defend us. 
By declining to inconvenience the criminal mobs which assaulted Ferguson and Baltimore, government showed they won't defend us. 

The attacks on military installations show government won't defenditself. The authorities have revealed themselves for what they are, gutless and spineless, promising what they can't, or won't, deliver and bullying the blameless for their failure. This is full-on "banana republic". The people have taken notice. Lesson learned. We'll rely on ourselves.

It's no mere coincidence gun sales routinely set new records, nearly doubling between 2010 - 2013 alone. Ammunition is in chronically short supply. Women, formerly reliable supporters of confiscatory gun laws, are arming themselves at a rate half again that of men, in fact, it's not unusual to see women at shooting ranges as instructors. Courses in self defense are increasingly popular, outright combat training isn't far behind, private ammo stockpiles are proliferating, reloading is becoming common and neighborhood alliances are forming. Survivalism is now mainstream. We're preparing for the worst.

The experiences of those who have survived the horrors and desperation of civil collapse are far more valuable than speculation by theorists and doomer novelists. Their best advice is worth keeping in mind: "don't be there when it happens." 

Going in, most were captivated by events and thought themselves merely observers. They stayed calm. They believed what they were told, it was just a rough spot, that the authorities would soon get things back to normal. Each new calamity seemed as bad as it could get. Then it got worse.
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