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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hillary Clinton tries to go home again

Hillary Clinton tries 

to go 'home' again  <--- link


Hillary Clinton returned to the scene of the original crime Saturday night, telling the surviving Democrats in Arkansas why they should love her like she and Bill love themselves.

The last time she was in Arkansas as a presidential candidate the Democrats owned everything. They held every statewide elected office and the Republicans didn’t bother to put up candidates in three of the four congressional districts. Both U.S. senators were Democrats. In the state House of Representatives, Democrats held 72 of the 100 seats, and 27 of the 35 state senators were Democrats.
Now everything — everything — is reversed.
Hillary went back for the annual Jefferson-Jackson Day dinner, once the big party event of the year. Now it’s all but against the law among Democrats to honor Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jacksonracists, bigots, slave owners — and some of the Democrats over the years figured they were honoring Stonewall anyway, not Andrew. Hillary must hope that no one hears about how she went down to Little Rock to speak at a dinner honoring evil.
If she charged her usual $250,000 speaker’s fee, the party came up a bit short, because the thousand diners paid $200 each for the eats, though for $15 a loyal but poor Democrat could stand in the back and watch everyone else eat. The party could have got Chelsea for $65,000, perhaps to reminisce about growing up in Little Rock and the day her cat Socks wandered away from the Governor’s Mansion, and never came home.