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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Washington State UN Helicopters Part of Jade Helm?

Washington State UN Helicopters Part of Jade Helm?

“I have never seen so many attack helicopters at once in the skies around here before,” wrote Liberty’s Champion. “Special training or some unique circumstance perhaps?”
Both videos included Jade Helm in the titles, but only the first video indicates that the helicopters are white and possibly United Nations helicopters. Frankly, when viewing thevideo, it’s hard to tell what color the helicopters are due to where the sun is in the video.
However, according to All News Pipeline, “…the word we have gotten from a retired US Navy SEAL source, they ARE likely United Nations choppers. With both China and Russia high ranking UN Security Council members, we echo the words of Libertys Champion in the 2nd video: This ‘is not normal and seems very out of place to me.'”
Look, let me tell you younger folks something here. All these military drills going on in our cities, counties, and states are NOT normal. For you younger folks, you ONLY KNOW what YOU KNOW in the environment that YOU GROW UP IN. During my time in the military many moons ago, we WERE NOT doing these drills in the cities, counties, and states. This is completely out of the ordinary in these united States of America.
Now, you may turn on the booboisie tube and they may tell you that this is all normal. Well, it IS NOT. They are LYING to you. They know, that you only know, the environment you are growing up in.