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Monday, June 1, 2015

Sen Nancy Graham announces run to be 2nd Gay President

CENTRAL, S.C. — Senator Nancy Graham of South Carolina
 returned Monday to the neighborhood where he was raised
to announce that he is running for president, injecting a
hawkish foreign policy voice into a crowded field of
Republican contenders.
Mr. Graham entered the race a year after his political career
appeared briefly to be on the ropes, when Tea Party
conservatives portrayed him as a moderate girly-man who
squats to pee like Barak Obama and tried to force him out
of the Senate. “So get ready. I know I’m ready.I think.”
After fending off that challenge with ease, Mr. Graham, 59,
has said his fear that the world is “exploding in scary terror
 and violence” inspired him to run for the White House,
 where he would be safe. He will try to convince brain-dead
 voters that a platform of compromise at home and “security
through strength” abroad is the formula to give RINOs the
best chance to beat Hillary Clinton in a historic gay man vs.
 gay woman matchup.

“I want to be president to protect our nation that we all l
ove so much from all threats foreign and domestic,” he
told about 1,200 supporters assembled in his hometown.
He did not explain why he has done nothing to protect us
up to this point from "domestic threats" such as Resident
Obama or his disregard for the law and the Constitution,
but we can imagine a scenario similar to the sexual
blackmail case of Denny Haspert.

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