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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Review of MAD MAX Fury Road

Yesterday, I took my better half to the movies. She enjoys going to the movies as much as I do. Did we go see a chick flick ? No- the last chick flick that I took a girl to was Love Story, about 1970, and that chick eventually dumped me anyway.
No, we went to see MAD MAX: Fury Road.  Why now ? It just got to the sticks where we live.
Was it a good action film ? No, it was a GREAT ACTION FILM.
Did it have a great plot ? No, I could tell you the entire plot in half a paragraph.
The WHOLE film was FULL of ACTION and more plot would have slowed it down.
By FULL OF ACTION,  I mean that any eight year old boy (and probably girls too) would love it
and the eight year old boy in ME loved it too. It had wierd, over the top cars and trucks
racing through the desert. Why ? Who cares ? They just do.
As long as your kids are old enough to know the good guys from the bad guys, they will get this film.
Do the characters look STRANGE ?  Of course ! It's a MAD MAX movie.
Did it have any politics in it ? NO.
Any sex ? NO.
Any hidden messages at all ? NO.
Just a couple of wierd (funny) things that fly by but attract no real  notice.
SPOILER- OK, I will tell you the plot.
A group of women is trying to get to someplace. The bad guys try to stop them.
Then they pick up a guy who helps them. Do they make it there ?
Go see MAD MAX: Fury Road.
I plan to see it again, and to buy the DVD when it comes out.