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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Obama FAILS to get his Race war after FALSE FLAG EVENT at Charleston, SC Church

Obama FAILS to get his Race war after 
(Thanks to the STRONG CHRISTIAN FAITH of AME church members) - they are certainly SAINTS in the Lord's Book !
Family members of victims forgive shooter.
After years of trying, Obama, the Crisis-to-Crisis president, gets
a major racial Crisis to use for political purposes. 
Behind the scenes, Resident Obama has been conducting a racial Cold War. Now it has failed to go hot, and has BACKFIRED on those who planned it. 
Charleston has chosen LOVE.
This raises some points on which to have a "Conversation About Race"...

  • 1- Is this a government-directed False Flag event ? How DARE I bring up this possibility ? Well, maybe because the Obama and his two Obstruction of Justice Secretaries, have done NOTHING in the past 6+ years to promote co-operation between the races, DESPITE THE FACT that many (maybe most) of the white people who voted for him did so out of sympathy for him being black, or a desire to promote harmony between the races and so they could "prove" to themselves and their friends that they were not racists.                                                                                                                                         And the lack of ANY POSITIVE ACTIONS to ease racial volatility INCLUDES the total lack of action to reduce unemployment among blacks, whose unemployment rate is probably at least DOUBLE the rate of Whites.    (And WHO KNOWS the true unemployment rate for ANYONE) ?                                                                                                                       Add to this the fact that every Obama pronouncement, on any subject, is always a total LIE or a delusional fantasy from his mentally-ill socialist utopian never-never land.                                                                                                                                  Look at the MORON that did this horrible act. He is not a man- he is a cartoon. Bowl haircut, posing for STUPID childish pictures with a toy Confederate flag, responding to questions with memorized or psycho-drug programmed  answers. This clown is TOO OBVIOUSLY the Anti-2nd Amendment establishment's version of the Taliban's brainwashed mentally retarded   child with a suicide explosive vest.        
  • 2- Anyone could have seen this coming-                                          After the Gentle Giant shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, the Obama and his boy Eric Holder did the opposite of everything that would have eased tensions. The same for the incident in Baltimore. In both cases, rioters and thugs (not protesters) were allowed to burn, destroy, and loot before police and National Guardsmen were allowed to control the crowd.                                                                                                                                  The result- anger and hatred boiled over ON BOTH SIDES.              
  • 3- The Obama and his minions will surely use this incident to call for more un-Constitutional anti 2nd Amendment gun laws.        I have only one thing to say about that- TAKE A FLYING FUCK AT A ROLLING DONUT WITH A SQUARE HOLE.   The American people have an estimated 300 Million guns.                                                                                                         And the Obama has been the absolute BEST gun salesman EVER, Thanks, Obama !                                                               
  • That's your LAW OF UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES in action, a law, like the laws of nature, that can NEVER be repealed. Go ahead and TRY, libs, RINOs, commie-pinkos and Nazis.                                                                                             And go ahead and TRY to take our guns away from us. LMAO