Don’t get your hopes up, moonbats. Then again, this is a NYC judge, and the American people DID elect Obama and Biden twice. Maybe the chimps will do better at voting. And no matter WHAT the judge rules, chimps could do a better job than the average judge has in the past 50 years, and THAT INCLUDES THE SUPREME COURT.
And on the subject of VOTING, I predict that CHIMPS and their OTHER furry relatives in the primate family WILL BE RUNNING THE "Blue" STATES within fifteen years- and marrying into all the 'BEST' non-chimp-o-phobic families.
I also predict that it will become a 'STATUS' symbol to have a chimp working for the elites or to have one marry into their family.
And within 20 years, chimps will be the subjects and stars of 3/4 of all situation comedies on video (TV).

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