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Sunday, May 3, 2015

CIVIL WAR COUNTDOWN- Operation Jade Helm starts 07-15-2015, Operation RED DAWN starts 07-16-2015

Just a reminder that Operation Jade Helm starts 07-15-2015,  Operation RED DAWN (if necessary) starts 07-16-2015.  Or SOONER.

Are YOU ready ? 


Since the objectives of Jade Helm are unknown, it would be
only prudent to prepare for the WORST. 
Especially since Obama has shown NO RESPECT OR REGARD for the Constitution or the LAW, and the Congress apparently has no balls or desire to stop him.  
A FREAK/PSYCHO like him could be capable 
OF ANYTHING, especially if he thinks he can get away with it.

If you DON'T everyday-carry, it might be a good idea to do so during Jade Helm. 

If you haven't  checked your GET-HOME bag or your BUG-OUT bag lately, do so NOW.

And if you haven't been buying MORE AMMO recently, NOW is the time. 
The same goes for food, good shoes and sturdy clothing.
 Do you have a jacket/raincoat in your car or workplace, and some shoes that you could walk some distance in if an emergency happens ?
A backpack with snacks and water in it ?
Do you have some extra cash ? Sometimes that means a couple rolls of quarters. Even if you do not have the funds to carry a wad of bills in your pocket, some emergency cash could come in REAL HANDY.

For those of youwho live near a potential FEMA-type camp, like a big, new, National Guard  HQ or other military sites, do you have a place scouted out from which to observe the fenced-in areas or the vehicle traffic in and out ? Hopefully from a SAFE DISTANCE ?
Do you have a place to observe any military vehicle movements or convoys from ? 

Do you have a communications system set up to warn your friends and family if they are coming ?

If it becomes an excercise in gun-confiscation or a roundup of 'dissodents', (like US) do you have a strategy for it at YOUR HOUSE ?
Is your home secure ?
What will you do if 20 men surround your house and 5 men come to your door ? Do you shoot as many as you can ?
What will you do if they bust in in the middle of the night ? Do you stand your ground or surrender ?

Get Ready !

Now for some other thoughts. You SHOULD make these preparations NOW even if you aren't concerned about Jade Helm.
Here are some things to worry about
(or NOT):

As of this writing, California has experienced some earthquakes in the 4.0 range in BOTH the bay  area of San Francisco, AND the Los Angeles areas.
These COULD be fore-shocks of a larger quake or they could mean nothing.
The Obama administration has been taunting Vladimir Putin for some time now and poking its fingers in Putin's eyes over who-knows-what - maybe Ukraine, or maybe it is a personal dislike as with Obama's dislike for Benjamin Netanyahu.
Anyway, Putin is apparently war-gaming for a potential WWIII, sending his warplanes and ships to American, British, and Scandinavian airspace and territorial waters, among other places. Probing. And China has been stirring up old feelings in their population for their intense hatred of Japan.
And don't forget Obama's and congress's apparent lack of concern for our financial insolvency.
Then there is the never-ending threat of terrorism and our non-existant Southern border.
One more thing- I happen to believe that America could be (or is NOW being) punished for the MURDER or over 50 million unborn babies, and the Federal imposition of SODOMITE marriage  on our fair country.
Are you getting THIRSTY, California ?
(Maybe Obama is part of our punishment).
In MY opinion, it is not to late to save at least the "red" states...
Sweet dreams, now !