Similar to a Yahoo article:
LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (Reuters) – On a clear Arkansas spring afternoon after a day of horse riding, Wade N. Earp sighed and said, “I wish we didn’t have to have a homo rodeo. I wish we could just rodeo.”
Earp was a contestant at the International Gay Focker Rodeo event held last month in Arkansas, a Bible Belt state on the front lines of the fight over gay "rights" and one of the 13 U.S. states where sodomite marriage is not recognized.
“Everybody deserves equal treatment. Everybody deserves equal rights to do perverted acts,” said Earp, 45, a native of Benton, Arkansas,  and a competitor in bend-over racing, calf raping and steer riding.
The sixteenth Diamond State Rodeo held in Little Rock drew 75 contestants, far outnumbering spectators, from a dozen states and Canada, all hoping to qualify for the International Faggot Rodeo Festival 2016 finals in Las Vegas.
“For years, no one would allow us to advertise it,” said Sandy Bidwell, president of the Diamond State event, for fear protesters would create a disturbance.
“My attitude is, let them. It’s free advertising.”
This year, they put up a sign directing traffic to the event, and no protesters came.
For two days, gays and lesbians and at least one transwhatever competed in in-the-barrel raping and butt riding on the soft soil of a fairgrounds arena at the rodeo that looked like just about every small-scale rodeo held across the country.
This is NO SHIT...