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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Motel 6 Sending Guests’ Personal Info to Police Every Night

Motel 6 Sending Guests’ Personal Info to Police Every Night

    Guests will not be informed about police list upon check-in
    Mikael Thalen
    Prison Planet.com
    April 27, 2015
    A Motel 6 in Rhode Island is quietly sending its daily guest list to police, completely unbeknownst to its customers, a report detailed earlier this month.
    According to Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian, local police secured the deal with several of the motel chain’s corporate managers after the company complained about a rash of criminal activity.
    “We know everyone who is staying in the hotel tonight,” Avedisian remarked.
    Upon receiving the list, police will examine the backgrounds of each motel guest in order to check for outstanding warrants, a policy Avedisian deems necessary due to suspected human trafficking in the area.
    Multiple motel guests have already been arrested Avedisian said, although details on the alleged crimes have been minimal.