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Sunday, April 12, 2015

MARTIAL LAW COUNTDOWN- Do YOU have a plan to deal with JADE HELM ?

The clock is counting down. We don't know for certain WHAT will be contained in OPERATION JADE HELM, but it COULD contain many unknown parts, such as LOCKDOWNS, SHELTER IN PLACE scenarios, roadblocks, even house-to-house searches, 
re-location of citizens to military headquarter buildings, National Guard armories, public buildings and sports arenas, or gun seizures and confiscations. 

Are they rehearsing for civil unrest when the U.S. Dollar crashes ? 

Are they practicing for martial law that accompanies gun confiscations in Connecticut, Washington state, and other states ? Or are these REAL, PLANNED EVENTS that are coming ? 

Just WHAT is this lawless federal government -the first COMMUNIST RUN administration in the U.S.A- planning ? 

Is it Obama's plan to make himself Dictator-For-Life ? 

Or to set up a one-party rule (like we don't already have it) ?

You say that I am talking CRAZY-PARANOID and SPECULATING on unprecented and unlikely events that could NEVER happen in the Good, old U.S.A. ?

Well, let's talk about that. 
During Hurricane Katrina, National Guardsmen went house to house, not just searching for stranded citizens in need of help, but also confiscating legally-owned guns, and forcing some people to relocate to the Superdome against their will. 

These relocatees were searched, and personal items were confiscated from them as they entered the football arena. 
Personal  items such as purses, bags, and any items that some bureaucrat somewhere had decided were unnecessary were seized illegally.

Relocatees were not allowed to sleep on the football field, but were ordered to sit in the stadium seats for days at a time. And the local police back in town, - some of them went wild, looting, and even shooting flood victims for a still unknown reason. 

And during World War II, Franklin D Roosevelt- Democrat- sent over a hundred thousand Japanese-Americans to prison camps in direct violation of the Constitution. 

Due to our precarious position in the Middle East (Iran), North Korea, and with Russia, a THIRD world war cannot be completely ruled out as a possibility. Thanks to Obama's Massive Projection Of Weakness (OMPOW) for short.
There is no Constitutional authority for police or National Guardsmen to confiscate weapons during a natural disaster, and any disaster,  whether natural or man-made, is no excuse for law enforcement to go on a shooting spree or to loot property- have they forgotten that THEY are charged with PREVENTING lawless acts ?

After the Boston Marathon bombing, people in Boston and surrounding suburbs were told to "Shelter in Place"- that is NOT TO LEAVE THEIR HOMES during the search for the suspects. And homes were searched without search warrants- a Constitutional violation.

Then there is the issue of the Posse Comitatus Act, the law preventing the military from having jurisdiction in the United States outside of established Military Reservations- (that's military bases to you and me). This law has been broken before, such as when Delta Force was sent to the Branch Davidian ranch at Waco Texas- with disasterous results. 

One more thing. Rumors say that foreign troops- from who-knows-where (?!?) - will be participating in Jade Helm. Due to Obama's fondness for our enemies, and his disregard for the safety and security of our country, even his transparent desire to do anything to promote the destruction of our country in any way large or small, any and all possible scenarios must be accounted for in our concerns.

There is ANOTHER reason that so many patriots are currently interested in and concerned about Operation JADE HELM. 

That is the current administration's six year record of lying, secrecy, and lawlessness. 
And the REPUBLICANS' total lack of balls to stand up to this CONTEMPT for the law.
No one KNOWS what they are planning. It COULD be completely harmless- if you disregard the implications of ignoring Posse Comitatus- that is, or it COULD be the rollout of Martial Law in the southwest states or nationwide. The date is July 15th. Do YOU have a plan ? 

Will your gas tanks be full or empty ? Will you have a bug-out bag or get-home bag ready ? Do you know that even if cell phone service is jammed or disabled that many text messages will get through ? Do you have some water and food in your office or in your car/truck ? Do you have some seriously comfortable walking shoes there also, in case the roads are jammed with abandoned or disabled cars ? Are you ready to defend your property IF THEY COME FOR YOUR GUNS ? Everyone's circumstances are different. YOU must take care of your family and yourself. Remember that whatever assets you have in your hands PHYSICALLY when the Merry-Go-Round stops, whether it is next week or five years from now- is ALL you are going to have to rely on. 

I have not even scratched the surface of all the possibilities that may occur or what you need to do. One FINAL thing- please get right with Jesus.               ARE YOU READY ?