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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

WTF !?! Watchdog Group Demands Holder Sue Hillary Clinton … Seriously

Watchdog Group Demands Holder Sue Clinton For Missing Emails … Seriously

Eric Holder
But...But...But... I don't believe it...WTF ?!?!?
     You blow my mind !
Hands off the keyboard, don’t erase the emails.
Via Washington Examiner
The Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust wants Eric Holder's  Obstruction of Justice Department to sue to retrieve the emails that federal law requires be kept for historical and transparency purposes.
FACT Executive Director Matthew G. Whitaker also delivered a Freedom of Information Act request to the State Department demanding copies of “emails that Secretary Clinton sent or received on any email accounts she utilized for State Department business.”
Another watchdog group, Judicial Watch, is also considering legal action to recover Clinton’s emails.[…]
Whitaker raised three concerns in his letter to Holder:
It is initially troubling that the State Department was aware and permitted Secretary Clinton to solely use a private email account to conduct State Department business, tacitly approving of the practice and failing to ensure records were properly maintained.
Additionally, the use of the private email system could be an attempt to avoid compliance with federal law, i.e. failing to maintain public records in violation of the Federal Records Act and avoiding disclosure of public records under the Freedom of Information Act.
In addition to not being properly maintained or disclosed as required by law, use of the private email system also raises serious security concerns.
Don't they know that trying to make the Obama administration (or ANY part of it) adhere to the law is RACIST ? and not nice ?