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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Does this DANCE VIDEO make Michelle OBAMA’s WIENER look big ?

Is Michelle Obama’s wiener showing ?

Similar to a Post on  by Dr. Eowyn (Excerpt:)

On July 3, 2014, after officiating at a 'wedding' of two homosexuals in New York, comedienne Joan Rivers was asked by an off-camera reporter: “Do you think the country … United States will see the first gay president or first woman president?”
This is what Joan Rivers said, sounding weary and definitely not in a joking mood:
“We already have [the first gay president] with Obama, so let’s just calm down. You know Michelle is a tranny… a transgender. We all know.“
On Thursday (March 13, 2015), The Alien DeGenerate Show released a preview clip for an upcoming episode showing Mich-hell Obama and DeGenerate dancing to the song “Uptown Funk.” 

Towering over Alien and six other prancing fools, Mooch wore a pair of white pants and a black top and short jacket that reached to just below it's waist, thereby exposing it's crotch and hips.
The video of the Mooch dancing has gone viral. The dancing begins at the 3:57 mark:
Here’s a screenshot (Dr Eowyn)  took at the 4:20 mark:
(looks like Mooch-elle needs to lay off the cheeseburgers)...
Here’s a screenshot Dr. Eowyn took at the 4:52 mark:
Does Mrs. (?) Obama have a harmonica
in her (?) pocket, 
or is she (?) just HAPPY  

(No wonder that her (?) squirrel-ly little husband (?) walks funny ! )

He(?)'s the pansy in the Mom jeans
on the girl's bike...LOL !

pamelajs56 says:
Maybe that is why Joan is dead now! You don’t get away with telling the truth about the Obama’s a live to tell it!
Donna says:
I read the girls were adopted from oprah’s orphanage.