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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Sen. NANCY /GRAHAM wants to be your president...

"I'm the best qualified of anybody bending over in the aisle…"

After announcing a possible run for the 2016 RINO presidential nomination, Sen. Nancy Graham (RINO-SC) appeared on CBS' Fake the Nation to describe his qualifications for the job and proclaim himself a proud "mainstream" 

]phony conservative[, proving the rule that if someone has to tell you that he is a conservative, he probably ISN'T one...

On the other hand, if the democrat-run mainstream media (Pravda, NPR, NYT, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC )* calls someone a right-wing, racist tea bagger or calls them some other dispicable names, THEN you can be pretty sure they are a true CONSERVATIVE. *Sorry to group "Pravda" in with all of those COMMUNIST media dupes. My bad.

Beware of any Republican that gets good press from the mainstream media. (McCain, Christie, Huckleberry, or anyone named Bush). And don't forget, if YOU are a conservative or libertarian, the GOP is not your friend.
Sitting in for Robot Schieffer was Norah O'Donnell, who was a bit skeptical of Sen. Graham's self-assessment. 

She pointed to the following: "You voted for both of Resident Obama's nominees for the Supreme Court, your critics call you 'Nancy Grahamnesty' for your support of immigration reform, your religion is "Climate Change", and you squat to pee like Bob Costas."

O'Donnell then asked the obvious: "Can you get elected in a Republican primary? Do you even have a chance?"
A confused Graham responded, assuring he fits snuggly "in the smelly crotch of RINOism:"
Well, I won in South Carolina -- it's a pretty easy state. I'm for illegal immigration starting with PROMISING to secure our borders -- all Republicans agree with that -- [and] I have no guts to do anything else. 
So I'm very comfortable that I'm in the mainstream of RINOism. I've done very well when it comes to national sabotage and, I believe I'm hot shit. 
       Actually, he is not that HOT. - But upon further review, I would prefer a whole bunch of these RINO bananas get into the race and split the RINO vote. Bananas Split- get it ? LOL

(I crack myself up sometimes.)
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