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Sunday, February 22, 2015

5 Things Pro-life Can Learn From Big Homo & Potheads

5 Things Pro-life Can Learn From Big Homo & PotheadsAfter forty plus years of political activism and Supreme Court wrangling, the pro-life movement has grown into a formidable

Legalize Potpolitical force.  The movement has spent millions on political activism.  They have picketed, protested and earned a spot as key plank in a national party platform.  Yet despite the significant investment of time, money and tears, their legislative results can be boiled down to two words—miserable failure.
By Professor Liberty Mize
In 2014, abortion on demand is the law of the land in all 50 states.  Outside of all but the reddest of those states, any attempt to change laws and address the seminal civil rights issue of our lives is a non-starter.  States that do attempt to address it find themselves in protracted and expensive court battles.
Consider those same 40 years in the gay rights movement.  What was once viewed largely as a fringe and questionable lifestyle choice in the 70s has seemingly been embraced by the mainstream.  It has become so normalized in fact, that our supreme black-robed masters are set to deliver the final blow by declaring gay “marriage” a constitutional right. Similarly, the meteoric rise of cannabis has followed an equally impressive path.  Perception of marijuana has somehow transformed from dangerous hallucinogen to beatnik recreational vice to harmless wonder drug.  Today outright legalization and lax medial weed laws combine to make it legal to spark a spliff in over 20 states.  Perhaps most remarkably, we have decided that a drug that permanently affects our brains is “no big deal”.
Both issues are on the bullet train to normalization, blasting past a pro-life movement patiently pedaling its trike.  All while three quarters of a million lives are extinguished via convenience killings each year.  Who speaks for those who have no voice?  The pro-life movement must regroup and redouble efforts to protect the unborn.  And if we hope to have any success, we need to accept that the current path is a failure, scrap it and follow the blueprint of the two movements that can already see a finish line.  Those two groups did it with one simple theme.  They realized that PEOPLE are the answer, not laws.  How can we follow suit?
1. Capture The Young
The same egalitarian streak that has fueled the other recent social changes can help us.  Millennials have a deep commitment Top Survival Blogto a level playing field.   Homosexual groups and weed supporters know this so they have spun a message that resonates.  Who doesn’t support the “freedom to marry”?  Who could possibly support the bullying of kids who are different? Who wants to keep the healing power of medicine from a suffering person?  A pro-life message can resonate deeply with these same folks.  What is more egalitarian than the right to life itself?  The fastest growing group of pro-lifers is among millennials, we need to consistently engage these folks and foster their support.  This needs to happen whether they are bought in to our entire range of social issues, or only this one.
2. Message The Racist Origins & Outcomes
For these new people to connect with our cause, they need to hear the facts about the link between abortion and race.  They need to hear that the founder of Planned Parenthood was a racist and eugenicist who had passion around killing what she called “human weeds”.
They also need to know abortion disproportionately affects people of color and that in New York City last year more black children were aborted than born.  They need to understand the grotesque work of convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell.  Only with a deep understanding of shameful and disgusting reality of abortion can they get engaged.  We must shine a light.
3. Ignore Activist Judges / Embrace State Rights
If activist government bureaucrats and our lawless president have taught us anything, it is that not every law need beTop Survival Blog enforced.   In Alabama, public sector crusaders have ignored their state constitution and issued marriage licenses for same-sex couples.  In Colorado and other places, Mary Jane safely flows despite clear federal law to the contrary.  This tells me that if a community has decided that abortion is a despicable thing that needs to be eradicated, they can act.  If the feds or judges stand in their way, pro-lifers should call their bluff.  Our opponents are 100% bought into the “ends justifying the means” and playing by whatever rules are required to get the job done.  We need to follow suit.  State rights are all the rage, the pro-life set needs to get on board and get kick the feds out of their state decision-making.  So long as the people are behind it, it can only end in success.  If states are equipped to decide issues like pot and marriage, why shouldn’t they be allowed to similarly legislate abortion?  Too many believe that overturning Roe v Wade would mean abortion was outlawed.  The reality is that it would throw the decision back to the states.  Libertarians and states-rights advocates who are intellectually consistent should embrace that.
4. Leverage The Rhetoric Boomerang
A good argument is one that uses the logic of an opponent against them.  Homosexual advocates love to talk about being on the “right side of history”.  We should challenge these folks to explain which side of history child sacrifice and senseless destruction of human life lands upon.  Ask them how history might view such a clearly racist practice that targets the poor.
5. Carefully Use Language
While this seems benign, language is important and subtle changes can shape the narrative.  Consider terms like pride, gay, SHTF TEOTWAWKIqueer, flamboyant.  All had one meaning 30 years ago and a different one today.  For centuries a rainbow represented a covenant between God and man.  Today many think it represents something antithetical to that same bible.  Perhaps the worst example, marriage is no longer seen as a religious institution from God, but a right delivered by government.  This all happened on our watch.  How do we stop this?  By consistently calling it out when we see it.  Understand your bible and your constitution and don’t use their language to “evolve” age old institutions.  We aren’t talking about fetuses, or tissue, we are talking about children We aren’t terminating pregnancies, we are murdering our heirs.

The Bottom Line

Far too many pro-life efforts to date have been directed at the Supreme Court.  We need to accept that we have lost that battle.  We need new ideas to move the needle.  A rising wave of millennials could be our foot soldiers but we need to communicate and engage them in a way that resonates for them.  The blueprint is there, the people are ready; we just need some fresh leadership to make it happen. Matthew 25:40 (ESV)  -  And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me