You are probably closer than you realize. From April 2014.

EK-tu-al-ly, Loog is undecided whether the good old US of A will reach the point of civil war due to over-expansion of the unconstitutional federal gubment (like federal or state gun confiscation or over racial or illegal immigration issues) or whether it will be plunged into/ START another huge global conflagration like what happened from 1939 to 1945. I say START it, because like Germany and/or Japan back then, the USA is now in DIRE financial straits which as any student of history knows, turns once-peaceful countries into AGRESSIVE, WAR-MONGER countries out to mug other countries for their natural resources and land/ gold/ oil/ other treasure. COULDN'T HAPPEN HERE ? Where have you been the past two administrations while our already out-of-control spending wildly accelerated under Bush and went TOTALLY APE-SHIT  Crazy under Obummer/  Reid/ Pelosi ?  And you think RINOs Boehner and McConnell will be much better ? Really ?