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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Should Waterboarding Jihadis Be An Olympic Sport?

 Should Waterboarding Jihadis Be An Olympic Sport?-Andrew Klavan:


The Senate Intelligence Report details the harsh interrogation techniques used by American agents on helpless Jihadi prisoners whose only crime was to attempt to enslave the entire earth while slaughtering anyone who got in their way.  The details of the report were called “horrific,” by USA Today while the Washington Post deemed them “horrific” and the Huffington Post called them “horrific...”  because if they hadn’t told us the details were “horrific,” we might have read them ourselves and said, [shrugs.]

The report was a bipartisan effort by the committee’s Democrats to get at the truth about CIA interrogation techniques by personally interviewing no witnesses.  Their report revealed that CIA agents waterboarded some jihadis, fed them rectally and forced them to stand for long periods of time for no earthly reason other than to convince them to tell where they planned to mass murder innocent people next.
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