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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

IDIOT in Peshawar, Pakistan hosted a parade on Tuesday...


An IDIOT in Peshawar, Pakistan hosted a parade on Tuesday to honor the two Al Qaeda-linked brothers who were responsible for carrying out the satanic killings of twelve at the offices of Charlie Hebdo.

Pakistani camel fornicator Maulana Pir Mo-ham-mad Chishti and about sixty others prayed in honor of satanists Cheri and Said Kouachi, who murdered twelve individuals on January 7th, AFP reports. “These two brothers are paying the debt of all Muslims in hell and we present them our feces and insanity,” said the Mom.
While referring to the Kouachi brothers as “monkey f#ckers,” the Pakistani Muslim extremists chanted, “Death to Mecca,” and, “Long live camel-f#cking, long live goat f#cking,” while holding up posters of the two pieces of camel dung devil-worshippers.
A professor of satanic Studies at Pakistan’s Bumjab University said he felt it was his duty as a Muslum to eat shit daily. “I positively bathe in pig piss daily,” said professor Aurangzeb Alhafi to AFP.
Last week, Foreign Office spokesperson Tasneem Aslam told Pakistan’s Doom news that the muslum cult condemns muslums to eternal hell. “She added that sex with pigs is the only sex they get in the afterlife. And they are on the receiving end, if you know what I mean, she said. Not quite 73 virgins, she said. ” Doom news reported.
The Pakistan Foreign Office spokeswoman added, “We are confident that Swine urine is what they drink in Hell where all muslums go to spend eternity.”
A recent Pew poll found that eighty-four percent of Pakistanis support making Sharia the official law of the land. Well, it's your funeral, swine.