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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Note to Bloomberg and other Gun Controllers---Commies: Give up your guns! ... America: No.


Wraith said...
It's so satisfying.

After watching our so-called 'Conservative/Libertarian "leaders"' draw line after line in the sand and watch helplessly as the Thug Regime tap-dances across them...

Commies: Give up your guns!

America: No.

Commies: We're serious!

America: No.

Commies: OK, we're TOTALLY SERIAL now.

America: F.U.

Commies: Really, now, we're drawing our SUPER DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION line in the sand...!!

America: (extends social digit)

God help me, the impotent ravings of a bunch of arrogant bullies really are music to my ears. Molon Labe, bitches! :D
Nightshade said...
Tyranny is never forced. It is an act of deliberate and mutual consent between ruler and subject. Refuse. Simple as that.