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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

who benefits ?

art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg art-remus-ident-04.jpg<--- This guy is SMART  (Ol' Remus)    The Sting       Excerpt:

This regime admits crisis is opportunity. As with all socialist theatre, DC contrives and directs crisis for its own purposes. President Obama, a secretive man with a shadowy past and even more shadowy present, and the permanent DC cadre of adaptable henchmen, fit the profile of ruin from within. Consider: state governments are all but captured by DC, the middle class impoverished, the currency disemboweled. The military is benumbed with purges and political correctness and non-military missions amounting to social work. Citizenship and the vote have been watered down, racial animosity ramped up, voter fraud mainstreamed, in short, the whole basis of a democratic republic—its institutions, traditions and values—is being discredited, anesthetized and smothered.

The first question of crime investigators, television aside, is: who benefits? The agents provocateurthemselves already are in control of the nation, shouldn't they be consolidating power rather than diminishing the nation they control and thereby diminishing their ability to influence international events, or even to participate credibly? They don't appear to benefit and the cause of international socialism doesn't appear to benefit, even though the US has been its protector, enabler and cash cow for most of a hundred years. Socialism isn't the game itself, it's a management device, the industrial Team Concept writ large. If not them, then who?

A case can be made for old-fashioned global power politics, but the beneficiary is far from obvious. If China is the leading candidate it's hard to explain their single, consistent political demand, which amounts to "leave us alone". And any scenario involving the imposition of Islam comes up ninety-nine yards short of a hundred if reality is given more weight than fantasy. Reality suggests the West should invite Moslems to absent themselves from everywhere that isn't Africa or Arabia, perhaps to return when they've accepted the ninth to twenty-first centuries.

Still, all crime has a beneficiary, so again, who benefits? Simple. As with any crime, the criminals benefit. For example, who benefits from weakened or unenforced bank regulations? Ahah! Who benefits from disarming crime victims—the criminal benefits. Who benefits from open borders with Mexico, and who benefits from its payoffs and money-laundering and campaign contributions? Criminals again. Who benefits from selective enforcement of law, or of ignoring the Constitution, or of circumventing its protections, or of learned interpretations that insult reason itself? Who benefits from tax law so complex and contradictory that even specialists merely take their best guess, the taxpayer or the tax spender? But even these are incidental to the main theft.

It's well said that the surest way to rob a bank is to own the bank. The depositors just keep coming in, and week after week they give you money, you give them a receipt, everybody's happy. With socialism—and that's closest to what we have—whole nations are the bank, and as with all conspiracies, you're either in or you're out, getting the payoff or paying the payoff, riding the wagon or pulling the wagon. No in between. And it's a mature criminal enterprise which deploys market-tested brands—progressive, socialist, left, right, Republican, Democrat, communist and so forth—and an exit strategy. In other words, it's a sting.

The beneficiaries are already world class wealthy, but they're not quite done. When the weight of insolvency brings about an event horizon, and it will, then they'll be done. And they'll be gone, far away from the vortex. By then they'll have ownership of nearly all actual wealth, and in every form worth having. Productive farm land and all the earth's resources, for instance.
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