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Monday, September 22, 2014

White House will Lock the front door....


The White House on 
Monday said it would 
do what most homeowners practice to 
secure their property:
 Lock the front door.

“After Friday night’s incident, when the door is 
not in use, it will be secured,” said White 
House press secretary Josh Earnest, 
clarifying that officials would, in fact, lock the 

You would THINK  that SOMEONE in this

administration would have thought of that

(locking the doors at the White House) in 

the past 6 YEARS, especially given the 

fact that we are at war with Muslum 

terrorists who would cream their burkas 

over a chance to attack an  American 

president. Unless he was one of them, of 

course, but I digress. I think that they 

would have locked the doors anyway, 

considering the fact that the Resident 

HAS  MANY ENEMIES, with or without 

Muslum terrorist nutjobs.

But then, I- like most of the American

public- had assumed that there were 

adults in charge there. Our mistake.