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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Be Prepared

    It's Lonely In There: Ted Cruz Takes Up Residence In Joe Biden's Head
    Who's Up For Another State Department Scandal
    How To Lose 2016 In One Easy Amnesty Bill
    The World Is Swimming In Shale
    Nine Companies Tied To PRISM Will Be Smacked With A Class Action Lawsuit
    Battle Between Citizens And Government Escalating In Turkey
    Using Metadata To Find Paul Revere
    Feel Good Self-Defense Story Of The Day
    Obama's Options In Syria Are Few
    How TSA's Groping Softened Us Up For NSA's Snooping
    Gov't That Spies On Everyone Accuses Employers Of Improperly Using Criminal Background Checks
    Terrorists May Have Surface To Air Missiles From Our Libyan Adventure
    FBI Requests For Records Under The Patriot Act Have Increased 1,000% In Four Years

Zimmerman Jury Selection: Day0

 Last Person Born In The 1800s Died Yesterday

    Killing Pollyanna
    sLICK willY Clinton To Get A Father Of The Year Award FROM TROJAN
    NSA Surveillance, The US Is Behaving Like China
    Scott Pelley Is A Dickbag
    Escalating Man Sues Surgeon On Account Of An Eight Month Erection

    Severe Weather Alert For People Living In The Rust Belt
    Today, Be Prepared