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Friday, August 22, 2014

Only 10 percent of Americans believe that race relations have gotten better in Obama era

Since Barack Obama was elected president, only 10 percent of Americans believe that race relations have gotten better, according to a New York Times/CBS Poll published today.The poll found 17 percent of blacks and 8 percent of whites believe race relations have improved under Obama.Thirty five percent of Americans believe that race relations have gotten worse in the Obama era -- including 40 percent of whites and 21 percent of blacks.Fifty-two percent of Americans polled said that race relations have stayed about the same.

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Rechtglaubig • an hour ago
Only a community organizer would put out a fire with gasoline.
Tom_  Rechtglaubig • an hour ago
He learned his lessons well from jackson, the pig sharpton, alynski and ayers. oink oink
camp50  Tom_ • an hour ago
Limbaugh predicted this.
publius327  camp50 • 19 minutes ago
Yes he did
Rechtglaubig  Tom_ • 40 minutes ago
...and Frank Marshal Davis, and his father, and his mother, and Jeremiah Wright, and Professor Derrick Bell, and all of the nameless Marxists, Communists, and Socialists that he admits he hung around with in college...
And he sold himself as the "great uniter". Too bad "the great deceiver" is already copyrighted...
GoPac Ready  Rechtglaubig • 10 minutes ago
What do you expect?
Daishi3100  Tom_ • 13 minutes ago
Yes, and I truly believe Obama is insane: mind you the old saying, any who object to this - "Crazy (or insane) does not mean stupid."
Daishi3100  Rechtglaubig • 17 minutes ago
The matter is this: He is not even bothering to try and put out the fires - gasoline or not.
He wants the divisions to escalate, and allow his progressive socialistic agenda to advance even further and faster: all-encompassing Federal government is progressive end-game.
Daishi3100  Rechtglaubig • 14 minutes ago
"Put out fire with gasoline."I see the analogy within it now: well said, and sadly, very true.
We have a narcissistic sociopath in the White House who views Americans as the main enemy. To him, our nation must be 'duly punished' for all of the 'crimes real or not' he believes to have happened.
I know Obama mentioned one time about taxes and his time in office would be based on 'what is fair, not what is right." Of course, his idea of 'fair' is pure socialistic in nature; or should I even say communist-dictatorial in nature.
rubiconscross  Rechtglaubig • 10 minutes ago
After he started it of course!
Seewetoldu • an hour ago
Like I have said before. Obama has set race relations back 30 years. And Americans will see the real damage he has done once he is out of office.Being called a racist everyday cant help race relations that is for sure.
TheCanuck  Seewetoldu • an hour ago
Try 40 years ago!
30 years ago Bill Cosby, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson among others were huge American celebrities for many whites and others. The 80's had great race relations.
Daishi3100  Seewetoldu • 11 minutes ago
If I may say so: HE and his radical associates have set them back 30 years, but it will remain that way only if WE, the people of the land, chose for it to remain so.
The damage has been inflicted: from the wreckage we can make the nation all the greater again. We must ensure the lessons of Obama and the progressives foul-manner and methodology are never forgotten, and never allowed to arise a second time.
Terry Smith • an hour ago
Obama set back race relations 200 years...
Ron Myers • an hour ago
I grew up watching Martin Luther King. Barrack Hussein Obama is no Martin Luther King.
Tom_  Ron Myers • an hour ago
I've watched the commie rat obozo and he's no friend of America either.
Ron Myers  Tom_ • 26 minutes ago
I keep saying Obama is a real life Manchurian Candidate.
Dismas In Wonderland  Ron Myers • 13 minutes ago
After watching the left leaning MSM praise Obama like he was the second coming for the last 6 years, I can tell you the real Barack Obama is no Barack Obama.
Ron Myers  Dismas In Wonderland • 12 minutes ago
Proving that you really CAN make a silk purse out of a sow's rear...er EAR.
Dismas In Wonderland  Ron Myers • 10 minutes ago
You had it right at "rear". He's the south end of a north bound swine.
Daishi3100  Ron Myers • 10 minutes ago
Not quite: it proves you can make a sow's ear LOOK like a silk purse. Deeds testify to the truth of the matter though.
rightisright5116 • an hour ago
That must be the same 10% that thinks Elvis is still alive.
Dismas In Wonderland  rightisright5116 • 12 minutes ago
That's the same 10% that believe Obama is a Christian.
lysosome • an hour ago
Seems to me that race relations are not only not improved, they are quite a bit worse than when Bush was president.
Barack Hussein Obola C.O. • an hour ago
Well, 12% of Americansexplains the 10% approval number. are Black and many of them couldn't read the poll questions so that pretty well 
Tom_ • an hour ago
That 10% was only from obozo's inner circle.
Surfinnonreality  Tom_ • an hour ago
And the uber leftwing in our higher instututions of indoctrination.
Karl Mar • an hour ago
So more people think that he's made it worse rather than better and the majority think he's just been ineffectual. Sounds about right.
Archie Bunker • an hour ago
The Grand Dragon as President couldn't do as much damage as Obama.
lewnaticink  Archie Bunker • 33 minutes ago
His white half is a grand dragon his black half is whatever they call the top black panther
Indy1826 • an hour ago
That 10% are also qualified as mentally disabled
Barack Hussein Ebola C.O. • an hour ago
Obama is on par with Mailk Zulu Shabazz in his fine work on race harmony.
ron • an hour ago
A better poll would be percentage of how many feel he has made race relations worse..
ThinkerPrime • an hour ago
Obama and Holder have displaced Sharpton and Jackson as "Racial-Pimps in Chief"
Hawkdriver1961 • an hour ago
I want to know who makes up the 10% that say it's better. They need to donate their brains to science when they die...
ThinkerPrime  Hawkdriver1961 • an hour ago
It would take an electron microscope to see their brains. But you can be certain that they are Obama voters. All is consistent.
staff office • an hour ago
10%, who are these liars?? I know NOBODY black or white that ever said this! What a BS poll.
loansta • an hour ago
Who are these IDIOTS that believe anything is better under King Barack Obola???!!!
phil • an hour ago
If I had a pig, he would look like Obama!
tess  phil • 34 minutes ago
wrong - pigs are cute. this POS can only be compared to a slimy snake - poisonous and dangerous!!
westcoastwiser  tess • 13 minutes ago
and eats his own
Joe Smith • an hour ago
improved? I'm from St Louis, Hussein Obama set race relations back 25 years. way to Obama and Holder. By the way, where was the remark from Obama, "if I had a nephew he would look like Mike Brown". Remember that stupid remark about Travon the thug.
snapperman  Joe Smith • an hour ago
I'm from PA and think Obysmal set race relations back 150 years...
westcoastwiser  snapperman • 13 minutes ago
Well, he take take the oath on the Lincoln bible...
BillB • an hour ago
One has to wonder what race that 10% are.
tinge • 41 minutes ago
If I were Obama, I would be incredulous over these poll numbers. I would also ask Marvin Nicholson what he thinks about it while playing a round of golf.
MacDaddyWatch • 40 minutes ago
Obama's mental depression has catapulted him to the cusp of the abyss. The growing stress of the job, which he runs away from every day, will soon push him into a black hole of serious mental sickness. His mental illness and depression is the legitimate subject of discussion.