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Sunday, August 10, 2014

More rumors about Jeff Gordon... (no not THOSE )

More rumors about Jeff Gordon... 

First a note of condolences to the family, friends, and co-workers of Sprint car driver Kevin Ward Jr. who was killed last   night in a major tragedy during a race. 

Now, back to those -wait, not THOSE rumors-
Several days ago, there was a leak of a campaign document from the staff of U.S.senate candidate Marsha/Margie/Mandrake/whatever Nunn (former Georgia senator Sam's female offspring) who is running for his hereditary seat in the District of Corruption which made a mention of surrogate speakers including one "Gordon, Jeff" . I tried to find out if it was a reference to race car driver Jeff Gordon, who is on a hot streak.right now, becoming a FIVE-TIME WINNER at Indianapolis after winning the Brickyard 400. I was unable to do so, (understandably, NO ONE on the campaign staff is talking, especially about the leaked document) but I chalked it up to over-eagerness on my own part. See, there are both a "Gordon", and a "Jeff" referred to in the document as being involved in the campaign, so I figured that the reference could be to the before-mentioned "Jeff" and "Gordon".

Now, from the all-knowing, all-seeing Jayski website http://www.jayski.com/cupnews.htm#20140809e
comes news that Jeff Gordon attended some sort of White House affair that included "dancing"...mostly dancing. 
What kind of "affair" was it, anyway ? Oh, wait- I was not going to mention THOSE rumors. 
OK- how about this NEW rumor that I am NOT STARTING, I am merely SPECULATING-