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Sunday, August 24, 2014

How to stop Police Killings in the U.S.A. ...

How to stop Police Killings in the U.S.A. ... and elsewhere

The horror and shock that many people feel over the Police killing of unarmed citizens is nothing new. You know that. Police have always had to shoot (and sometimes kill) criminals and suspected criminals who threatened them with harm. And not always were these police shootings necessary or justified. But say, 50 or 60 years ago, police tried not to exhibit blatant excessive violence as a public policy, unless the victims were mobsters or violent repeat offenders. 

To be sure, there were always some who joined the police forces so that they could bully, threaten, beat or even kill people without fear of punishment, but these were a minority, and were sometimes found out and quietly dismissed from the force. Some had particular people that they wished to beat and sometimes kill, such as blacks, Hispanics, or American Indians, or other individuals that they hated or disliked. But generally, the police considered this to be unacceptable or at least undesirable behavior, and even if they didn't expel the guilty party, they often denied that the beatings or killings ever occurred, covered them up, or blamed them on other individuals, most often on the victim themselves. 

Where I happen to live, nearly every arrest includes a charge of resisting arrest, even if the arrestee did nothing to resist the police officer in any way. The resisting arrest charge is used to prejudice the   judge against the arrested person at the beginning of the court proceedings, or as a bargaining chip that can be dropped in exchange for a guilty plea on the other charges, which may or may not be legitimate also. It also provides cover for police officers who beat, or even kill a suspect during an arrest. I must say that where I live, although the police often beat those whom they arrest, it usually does not result in a murder. I am only speaking of the local police around where I live, not the State where I live, where killings are more frequent, especially in the larger cities or on the Interstate highway that runs through my state. As with most police departments, police officers will lie to excuse any misconduct by a fellow officer, especially cruelty or murder.

In recent years, though, most police departments have adopted an us-against-them attitude in which all citizens are considered to be the enemy, and also considered to be hostile and dangerous. Just think of Grandma being manhandled, groped, x-rayed, and/or stripped at the airport for the "crime" of wanting to ride on a jet airliner from one city to another.  The TSA goons, who are partly mall-cop, and partly junior G-men and women, inherited their attitude from their instructors who are most likely ex-cops.

Police, in addition to their policy of protecting their own from punishment with lies, cover-ups and even perjury, are not treated like you and me by the law itself. Police can lie to you and me, and in fact are trained and coached in the fine art of lying as a part of their jobs- and this is an accepted and legally condoned act on their parts. However, if you or I lie to a cop, we are subject to punishment, as lying to a police officer is a crime.
My suggestion is to NEVER talk to the cops unless you have a lawyer present. NEVER.
Another way that police are treated differently than you and I is what happens to them if they are, however unlikely, that they are found guilty of assaulting you. Their punishment can range between a verbal chewing-out, to a written warning, to a suspension (with or without full pay) to a loss of job, or in extreme cases, even jail time. But if you or I ever touch a cop and are found guilty of assault, it is a FELONY punishable by at least one year (and most likely MUCH more) in prison.

Now I must address a touchy subject, which I will try to do, summoning all my powers of diplomacy, which are scarcely used these days.
In MANY parts of the country, especially in big cities and in ghettos and barrios, both young and old HAVE FEW OR NO JOBS. And most likely, the jobs that are available are low-paying, or minimum-wage jobs. And since the advent of OBAMACARE, most of these so-called jobs are part-time. A young person without schooling (trade or vocational school at least) has almost NO CHANCE of getting any job other than a part-time, low-paying job. 
If you are at all able to, BORROW or obtain the money from the government- there are many grants and loans available- and go to vocational or trade school. I went to trade school and even though I am not rich, I was able to carve out a very decent life for myself.

One of the main reasons that we are stuck for the 7th year in the LONGEST RECESSION EVER is that the Obama administration, UNLIKE EVERY OTHER ADMINISTRATION, has done NOTHING to create jobs, with the exception of certain Union jobs in certain industries.
And don't get me wrong- the blame also belongs to CONGRESS- both republicans AND democrats. THANKS FOR NOTHING !

The final suggestion that I have is that EVERYONE WHO IS LEGALLY ELIGIBLE should GET A GUN. This has been shown to reduce crime in any kind of neighborhood- barrios, ghettos, and upper-class neighborhoods. I am NOT talking about arming criminals. Quite the opposite. I am saying for all law-abiding citizens to arm  yourselves. Not only will YOU and yours be safer and more protected, but eventually your whole neighborhood will have less crime, with the added benefit of LESS POLICE visits and less police and other killings.