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Sunday, August 3, 2014

bad old days in the Old Country

I was talking to my friend Hong yesterday out by the road. We were discussing the state of the economy. Actually, I was seeking to secure a small loan from him. I said that this recession seemed more like a depression than anything else. Hong, who is the butler for a family on the other side of town, said that it was not a recession or even a depression, but it was more like a transition to living in another country. He said that it reminded him of the bad old days in the Old Country. I asked him what country was that, knowing only that he didn’t look like his family was from around here. He said he was talking about China. He said that back in his old country, you could not travel around much because the government had to issue you a travel permit, and wanted a pretty good reason like a death in the family or a serious illness of a close family member before they would give you a permit to travel. Furthermore, you had to be a good citizen with no bad reports from your neighbors about your habits, your family members, or your suspected political beliefs- not really political, but more your attitude towards the government and authority- at least as far as your neighbors SUSPECTED. So you had better b e on good terms with EVERYBODY, so no one spreads any bad gossip about you just in case you ever want a favor or some kind of permission slip from the local government to do something like travel.
I said “Whoa there, Hong- we have nothing like that here in America- we are the land of the free and the home of the brave !”.
My friend Hong said something to the effect that I was not seeing the forest for the trees. I said what do you mean ? We have no laws like that here.
Well, Hong said well you wanted to go to the City last month but you didn’t go. Why was that ?
I said that I had injured my hand at work last month and I had a lot of extra expenses because of it, so I could not afford the gasoline for the trip that I had planned. Hong said but you have medical insurance, right ? And besides, you probably have not gotten any bills yet from your doctor or the Emergency Room at the hospital, right ? I said yes, that was true (Hong is a very sharp guy- that’s why I’m glad he is my friend). But I had two appointments at my doctor’s office and three trips to the hospital to change the bandages, and all those trips into town cost me a lot in gas to fill my tank. I could not afford the gas for the trip to the city.
Hong says to me- the effect is the same whether the government restricts travel by law, or by making it too expensive. You used to go to the City once a month, didn’t you ? I occasionally gave you money to bring me back an item from there and you went pretty often. I said yes, but that was back when gas was a lot cheaper than it is now. That’s true, I said.
Like I said, my friend Hong is a smart guy. He said “When the public accepts the fact that they can’t travel around whenever they want, they will accept other unpleasant things, like a lower standard of living in general, and the fact that they will eventually be stuck with the things they own at the time, and are financially unable to buy a new car, a new big screen TV, and thing like washing machines and clothes dryers are becoming out of reach too. And buying a house- completely out of the question. Of course, in my old country, no one had cars, big TVs, or washing machines back before the government started allowing capitalism into the country.
So that got me thinking. Are we headed into a permanent recession/depression ? And is the government keeping us in it ON PURPOSE like the Chinese government did for mant decades ? Until they saw the benefits of capitalism ? Huh ?