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Monday, June 30, 2014

More Birthdays for July-

Amy A. 7/2
Jonathan A. 7/16

Birthdays for July-

Myra C. 7/6
Patricia W. 7-10
Dawn B. 7/12
Bob W. 7-15
Betty A. 7/15
Adilyn S. 7/21
Jessica P. 7-26
Floyd A. 7/28
Ethan G. 7/28
Ashley M. 7-28

In February 1942, R. Bradley

Occasionally tinkerers get to engage their fantasy. In February 1942, R. Bradley,  a British Officer in the Royal artillery in
World War II was captured and then held prisoner by Japanese in Singapore. Their camp was remote, supplies were almost non-existent, and they were treated
roughly as POWs; when they rebelled they were locked in a confinement shed without food. But they were tinkerers, too.

Together with some other POWs in his
camp, Bradley stole hand tools from the Japanese soldiers and from these bits and pieces he transformed scrap metal into a miniature lathe. The small lathe was
ingenious. It was tiny enough to be kept a secret, big enough to be useful. It could be disassembled into pieces that could be tucked in a backpack and  moved
in the camp's many relocations. Since large pieces of metal were hard to acquire without notice, the tailstock of the lathe was two steel pieces dovetailed
together. The original bed plate was cut with a cold chisel.
And from that lathe they were able to build a duplicate key for the solitary confinement shed and a hidden battery source for a secret radio.

Meanwhile another group of British POWs managed to build a working radio receiver (and nearly a transmitter) in a Japanese camp:
    The plan was made to begin building the radio, so until we could build components, there was nothing much we could do. A look at the circuit diagram of a
regenerative receiver indicates a number of capacitors - about two or three are required -low capacitors to make the oscillating part of the system work, and in
fact from memory we needed in the grid circuit at least one ".01 microfarad" capacitor and there was no chance we could get this anywhere, or any other
    So we hit upon the idea of taking some tin foil or aluminum foil from the lining of the tea chest from which the Japanese supplied with the rice rations,
then by the well known equations for calculating capacity and the relationship of the surface area and spacing of the plates, we built a capacitor or, at least,

I built a capacitor which according to calculations should have been about ".01 microfarad."
And finally were able to get news from the outside world:
    It was the BBC all right; it was quite a clear signal but it was somebody talking about growing hops in Kent. This broadcast went on for something like
three quarters of an hour without any interruption, but ultimately the signal faded out and I was very annoyed.
I was asked the next morning by my senior
officer what was the news, and I said "we've got good news; I can't talk here, come this way." So he came along and said "what's this news you're talking
about." I said I didn't actually hear any news, and he became very annoyed with me and said what the hell did I mean, and I said "if the British primary
producing experts are capable and able to spare the time to talk about growing hops in Kent, Britain must still be alive and floating with their thumbs up, and
as far as I'm concerned that's the best news I could hear!"

Full Context: Benghazi Accountability Coalition Event

Supreme Court decisions ---Boycott Israel Movement

               5-4 split



WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court says corporations can hold religious objections that allow them to opt out of the new health law requirement that they cover contraceptives for women.

The justices' 5-4 decision Monday is the first time that the high court has ruled that profit-seeking businesses can hold religious views under federal law. 

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The Supreme Court dealt a blow to public sector unions Monday, ruling that thousands of home health care workers in Illinois cannot be required to pay fees that help cover the union's costs of collective bargaining.
In a 5-4 split along ideological lines, the justices said the practice violates the First Amendment rights of nonmembers who disagree with the positions that unions take.

The Boycott Israel Movement
Last week, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) generated headlines when it became the largest religious group in the United States to endorse a divestment boycott against Israel. The vote called for the church’s investment fund to sell stock in three companies that do business with the Jewish state.
The United Methodist Church, the largest mainline Protestant group in the U.S., has also recently voted to sell the stock of a firm that provides security equipment to Israel’s prison system. The Methodists did reject a call for a church-wide divestment.

The reason for the boycotts is to protest against Israeli policies toward Palestinians. Various liberal organizations have somehow gotten the idea that Palestinians are being mistreated, and they want to apply “economic leverage” to force Israel to do something crazy—like tear down its West Bank security barrier. (Yes, the wall that has been protecting Israeli citizens from suicide bombings.)
Another reason for the boycott is to avoid buying products produced in so-called “illegal settlements.” Since the West Bank is a hodgepodge of zones controlled by Palestinians and Jews, there is no way for a supermarket to know for sure what jurisdiction a crate of apples came from.
The idea of boycotting Israel is not a new concept. An official embargo of all Zionist institutions and Jewish businesses was adopted by the Arab League immediately after the formation of the state of Israel in 1948.

The organizers of these boycotts need to realize that it’s not just the Arabs that they are copying. When Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany he ordered a boycott of Jewish shops, banks, offices and department stores. Nazi storm troopers held signs on street corners that read: “Germans, defend yourselves against the Jewish atrocity propaganda, buy only at German shops!” And “Germans, defend yourselves, buy only at German shops!”
What has been largely lost to history is that Hitler’s boycott was a complete failure. It was so widely ignored by German shoppers, Hitler called it off after just three days. What followed the unsuccessful boycott was a series of laws which robbed the Jews of their rights and property.

The boycott against Israel has no chance of working. The dollar amount of the Methodist Church’s holdings was only $100,000. Israel has a total GDP of $300 billion. I’m sure someone who takes cancer drugs made by Teva pharmaceuticals is not going to stop using them because they are made in Israel.

The boycott Israel movement is really just anti-Semitism by another name. The enemies of Israel keep presenting a series of falsehoods, hoping that the public will accept them as fact. 

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Iowa GOP purges Rand Paul supporters

Pouring it on...

What could possibly go wrong ? After the GOP changed the rules to strip Congressman Ron Paul of his delegates at the 2012 Republican Convention, the Iowa GOP replaces a Senator Rand Paul supporter as State party Chairman with a Party Establishment stiff, ensuring gobs of party unity and harmony. Just kidding.
The Iowa GOP central committee voted Saturday to fire the state party chairman and replace him with a fixture of the establishment.
Danny Carroll, removed on a 14-2 no confidence vote, will be replaced by Jeff Kaufmann, formerly the Speaker Pro Tem of the state House.
Chad Olsen, who stepped down as the party’s executive director in May 2012 after Paul’s forces took control, will get his old job back. Cody Hoefert, from conservative northwest Iowa, replaces the co-chair, who resigned before the meeting.The bloodless coup was widely expected after forces loyal to Gov. Terry Branstad officially seized control of the party’s governing body from close allies of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) at a state convention earlier this month. The former chairman, A.J. Spiker, stepped down this spring and became a senior adviser to RAND PAC. Carroll is a former lobbyist for the evangelical Family Leader and supported Branstad’s primary challenger in 2010.

Me with a cruise missile...

                                              Picture by Jean...


CONGRATULATIONS>>> GO TO Benjamin M. who has graduated from High School and will be attending Arizona State University this fall.

Hay Minions

These Hay Minions were seen on the way to Town this spring..

Friday, June 27, 2014

Pictured in basket...

I neglected to mention that the cats in the laundry basket are named Angelita and Tigerly...

Starting off...

My blogging history.
I used to post on a few blogs run by other people. But one of them was overly sensitive about criticism of other posters and I was often on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION. Then at another so-called Liberty blog, I was actually BANHAMMERED  for an opinion that was too politically incorrect. At my most recent online hangout, I had to carefully word my posts so as to not upset the powers that were there. In most cases I was merely referencing news blurbs from mainstream media and not my own words which got me in trouble under threat of banishment. So I decided start my own simple blog and to be CEO  of this little rumormill myself. Now I no longer have to fear the BAN...